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    lately i have been able to contrast dreamland and my town... like, i can say "this is where the post office is in real life, but in dreamland, it's where the church is. and instead of a library, that building has giant fake dinosaurs outside of it and is a science research center. this hill leads to a city in my dreams." and i can figure out what the real life places blended with to become dreamland places. it can be other real life places, movies, cartoons, games, songs, and books... like one town i go to, is a combination of garnet ave. in san diego, and a town in kingdom hearts, and i think there are parts of movies and a painting incorporated. someday i might be able to draw a dreamland map or make a model of dreamland :D. how cool would that be?
  2. That would be really cool. Wish I'd thought of that.
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    some of the places in my dreams are like parts of places i've lived too. especialy the parts i never got to see in real life because they had locked doors or keep out signs. something no place, or almost no place in my dreams ever has.

    lots of bussess and trains and trolleys and like that two, in and between the towns anyway. there's this one larger town or city, compounded of the real places of portland oregon and reno-sparks area of nevada i think mostly, with maybe a little of seatle and eugene and a few other places thrown in, that has regular buss and trolley routes and there's like a number 41 that connects between the downtown metro station that's near the main intercity station, and this community college i like to hang out at and use the library and eat at the caffiteria. then there's another city that's definately an analog of the san francisco bay area only the key system is still running instead or or in addition to bart. and there's a whole bunch intercity multiple unit schedules that run between there and reno and stop in truckee and colfax, and most of the time i'm living in that alternative universe version of colfax, or auburn or grass valley/nevada city area or a melding of them.

    and sometimes i'm working for the railroad and usualy all work is volunteer and nothing costs anything, it's really kind of trippy and how this world could be or close to it.


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