Dream of a car accident...what could this mean?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Neonate, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Neonate

    Neonate Member

    So last night I had a very realistic dream (seemed very sharp and lively...like the whole thing was real). Well there is this girl I really love a lot :) Her name is Laura and i've had a crush on her for a pretty long time now. In the dream I stepped into my mom's car (toyota land cruiser) and suddenly Laura stepped on the drivers side and started the car. Since we both are just 16 years old and here where I live you have to be over 18 to get a drivers license I was really afraid that the police might catch us because Laura didnt have a drivers license. Then we drover on and on and we came to this old house in the forest and I stepped out and went to the house and my brother and dad were there and they jumped on this other black car and said that we should follow them. So my brother and dad drove away really fast and Laura and I kept on driving on. Suddenly at this one road there came a lot of cars and we were stuck between these cars suddenly and Laura kept on going faster and faster with the car and as I looked outside I saw us hitting this car in front of us and everything suddenly became really bright and I was surrounded by light. Then I suddenly was pulled back and everything went black and I was in my bed and I had woken up. My heart was going really fast and I was sweatting a lot. I've been thinking about this dream and what it could mean and maybe one of the things it could mean is that things will end up badly if I go with Laura (start dating or something like that)....Anyone have any ideas what this dream might be trying to tell me
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    Neonate ... I think this is more about what draws you to Laura, than about what you fear or hope will happen. And yet it is the very same.

    So what is it that draws you yet keeps you crashing at the same time with the feelings and emotions of your own.

    The car driving is about the power to control, like thoughts set out that are driving you mad sometimes and still you are not sure if they are truly yours in origin. The accident is about a change that you seek. Death is the immidiate experience of change and you find your own depth in the embracing of it, and your own wonder and light where nothing is broken and where the mystery is real.

    Maybe this is all you wanted to know. The dream helps you to heal inside and grow on and become who you are still the more. Now what will happen to the love you wonder. It will be what you make of it, and allow to be. It starts inside your own heart, to get you back there all the time. Just love who you are and trust everything else will be shown. Sometimes you find those whom you love are of such an immense beauty and wonder as they touch your innermost and fill you with a light you have not known before. And yet it is all yours as much ... and to find it and understand is what draws you and she just helps you with it even as she is seeking what is hers, no matter how the outcome will be. This is truly yours.

    Just a short note ... thank you for sharing, and I wish you well.
  3. Gerva

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    Hi I read your post 'cause I also dreamt about a car accident a some time ago. However a girl wasn't involved.Allo f my older mates were standing well dressed, black tie.My brother was next to them too.Well that evening then, we were off to a city 50km away from my home but the rod is always abit dangerous especially during the wintertime and I afraid of getting a lift.I finally went and anything was ok.
    I think you just should move on the girl you like.You're young.You may think you gonna see her around forever and chances in future with her again as well.But believe, then time start flowing faster and faster and make things changing.I don't know..it's just about not letting things going..
  4. blckra1n

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    I have dreams about car accidents alll the time..ive been having them all my life since i was like 5. Like I will have them for like a couple of months and then they will stop for like up to like 2 yrs and then start again...idk what they mean exactly but ive been told that you should avoid unneccesary travel for a while... and last time I started having them again, I hit a telephone pole and wrecked my car...
  5. Neonate

    Neonate Member

    Thanks for the replys :) I thought that no one was going to answer this and that this post was dead already but then I saw this again and felt good to see someone answering :)

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