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    yeah, I don't have a problem with people who don't have dreads for spiritual reasons.
    If they just like how it looks that's fine. Nothing wrong with that, actually. I don't think it's fair to compare dreads to red dots and such, because dreads mean different things for everybody who has them. Religious symbols are sacred.

    Rastas get them for religious reasons, many people get them to signify a change in their lives and a journey, some get them to represent patience, some just think they look badass. Rock on to the lot of these people.

    I have mine for personal, spiritual (not religious) reasons, because my life is changing and I want to change with it. I honestly have become a better person because of my dreads, as silly as that may sound...but I don't take them THAT seriously.

    They don't really represent anything in general...it's not a single group of people who have dreads, people of all walks of life get them.

    My issue was really with the misrepresentation, not why she wanted dreads. I could care less what kind of people sport my hairstyle of choice...the only reason I mentioned the spirituality was to explain why I may have reacted the way I did to the issue.
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    i agree with you.

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