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Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by abseeley, May 20, 2007.

  1. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    So I've decided Im getting my dreads finally tommorow! Ive got super thick curly brown/black hair and i'm caucasion. My hair is about 6 inches long when its not all curled up. I want fairly thick dreads and based on the research I've done I think I've got a pretty good plan worked out. I want the more organised cleaner looking dreads that I've seen people with. So heres my plan for tommorow.

    1. Tonight dont shower so my hair can get all frizzed up.
    2. First thing in the morning brush my hair like mad to get it super more frizzed up.
    3. Divide my hair into a desireable grid with tiny elastics.
    4. Remove one bunch of hair and put about a centimeter of braid into it to hold the roots together naturally (without elastics).
    5. Take that part of hair and backcomb the bejesus out of it, twist backcomb and repeat until its wiggity-wack.
    6. Do entire head this way (I have helpers).
    7. I have a brick of pure beeswacks all slivered up as well as some teatree oil and vitamin e. Im going to melt this all together in a pot which will be ruined and then put a very small amount into each dread.
    8. Use hair dryer or other heating device to melt that wax in.
    9. Dont wash it for like a week so it can get a nice base then only wash scalp and let suds wash through dreads.
    10. Dry hair like you dry a sponge.
    11. Wait patiently for dreads to be supa-fly.

    So thats my plan for tommorow can I get some feedback on this? Also please know that Ive been in the hospital for about 5 weeks now and im going to be here for around another 16 so my resources beyond what I have are limited. Please no pity I was admitted for an eating disorder which I am now recovering from. I came in 6'2" 127lbs and now i'm all the way up to 150! Im well on my way. Any help or insight would be great thanks guys!

  2. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    sounds good... just skip the wax... search around the forums and that is what you will hear the most :) they will do a lot better in the long run if you skip it :)
  3. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    So every other site ive been to is like WAX WAX WAX and you guys are all like NO WAX so im thinking i might use just a smigen when i put them in so they hold. But thanks for the input!

    There is tonnes of johnsons baby shampoo the no tears stuff here and i was wondering if that would be a good shampoo for my future dreadies? I figure because it doesnt cause tears there would be like no residues? Maybe Maybe?
  4. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    personally i like Dr. Bonner's bar soap... I'm not sure if baby shampoo would be residue free... ill leave that up to someone else to answer...

    as for wax, make sure you read a lot around here first... from personal experience, i just used a smidgen of wax, and i regret it.... still find chunks of it too after almost 5 months of actually trying to get it out...

    good luck though with whatever path you choose :)
  5. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    thanks a tonne! I plan to melt the wax in really really good and only a very very tiny bit for that little bit of hold, and i only hear rave reviews about dr brommers but there is no way i can get what with being in the hospital and all. but i think baby shampoo is residue free thats why they claim no tears but ill google it. thanks muchly!
  6. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    pure aloe vera gel works good for holding dreads together as well... if you want a more put together look :)
  7. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    oh thanks for the aloe vera tip will that debilitate the knotting and awesome tanglage? also i did some googlage about johnsons

    "According to my hairdresser one of the main reasons for dull looking hair, is a residue of shampoo. Johnson’s claims that their shampoo is easy to rinse out,"

    so maybe no residues? or very little i think itll work!
  8. 3littlebirds

    3littlebirds Member

    no, aloe wont, but wax will. your hair needs to move around to knot up. wax just goops it together and does not wash out easily. read through all the posts about it.

    what are the sites that say wax wax wax?
  9. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    the sites that say wax wax wax are all promoting dreadhead wax... i think they put them out there just so they get more publicity and sell more making all the people think that they *need* wax
  10. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    yah they are all totally for dreadhead wax and its a wicked publicity thing so all these sites now think that they need to put wax in theyre hair every two to three days or theyre dreads will like explode or something which is really not true from everything im reading and you guys really have dreads and have really been through this so im trusting you guys more, but i am still going to use a little of my yummy beeswax concoction on my hair like since my hair is short like a pea size amount for each dread to be generous and it will wash out because im only doing it once so theres not to much worry about then, and when i get those awful stray away hairs i will rub rub and roll roll and stick 'm into the appropriate dreadlett, oh im so excited!

    thankyou everyone here for all of your help youve been so educating and helpful!
  11. Caelynn

    Caelynn Yellow Butterfly

    i only used wax once as well... just so you know.
  12. dehtripper

    dehtripper Member

    i did the braid thing and wish VERY much i hadn't didnt help any and just made bumpy undreaded parts in my dreads that are still there two years later...as is the wax, along with gross black lint in the center
    whatever you decide, have fun...
  13. HippieAdrien

    HippieAdrien Member

    dude. the reason every website says to use wax is they're probably hoping that you'll buy theirs. i used a little wax in mine and i noticed it hindering my progress after only two days. plus it's all sticky and not fun. and it took me forever to wash out. just don't use wax. period.
  14. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    Haha ok so ill skip the braid then, but i think im going to put elastics on the tips at least for a little bit but not the roots ill just do the rub-a-dub on those guys along with oodles of palm rolling.

    ill be sure to take plenty of before/after and during pictures
  15. sped

    sped Member

    I used about a corn kernel of dreadheadhq wax on about 5 of my 30 dreads, After the fifth I knew wax wasnt for me, luck they were at the back and I used hardly any, I cant say Ive noticed and of the wax still in them. That was about 1-2 months ago. Personally I would suggest trying wax on 1 dread, I guarantee you wont like the feel of it.
  16. iceblink

    iceblink Member

    Bands are a bit of a love hate thing from what I've read, and judging from all that I'd say leave em in only for as long as you need to. I used wax in my hair too and it ruined my dreads, makes them looks dirty and nasty. If I could go back, I'd section the hair up all proper and not use any wax.

    And if I could recommend a shampoo I'd go for Knotty Boys block of peppermint and stuff. There's also some home recipes on these forums well worth checking out too.

    Good luck, and post pictures!
  17. nirmalamaya

    nirmalamaya Member

    Wax is horrible. Do not use wax. I used it only once and it was bad. Ive now gone natural w/backcombing, using dr bronners soap and theyre great!
  18. hanaspana

    hanaspana Member

    DON'T use wax. Not even a teeny bit. Not even a teeny weeny bit. You'll regret it.

    People on here have had dreads for years and STILL have wax in. It doesn't come out.

    Melting that crap into your dread is going to cause nasty bulid-up and thus lead to mold.

    Definately listen to the experience dread heads on here, they're giving you an un-biased opinion.

    Unlike knottyboy/dreadhead do.

    End of the day- your decision.

    But make sure you know what you're getting yourself into beforehand :)

    Take it easy
  19. abseeley

    abseeley Member

    wow you are all so helpful! shampoo recipes eh? could you possibly provide some linkage to your favourites or if someone uses their own home brew what do they think of it?
  20. oilymoily

    oilymoily Banned

    sounds good for the most part. skip the wax, it isn't worth the trouble... and am I understanding rightly that you're braiding a little bit at the roots? that's not a good idea. the braid will never have a chance to come out, so once those locks are supa-fly you'll still have a few cm braided in the middle of everyone. odd look, I think. but do whatever makes you happy... enjoy :)

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