drama is lacking here..what is up?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by interval_illusion, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. i had a very boring day and i need forum drama.

    so ill start shit.. and im being honest.. i think half of you are border-line retarded :)

    now caall me a whore for cheating on my husband once....e vent tho i told him MONTHS ago and he is over it. same old thing on here.

    OR, come up with some new material. i dare you.

    let's fight.. come on.
  2. Juggalo4ever

    Juggalo4ever KingoftheChubbyGirls

    Just show some titties :D
  3. Lodog

    Lodog ¿

    I got it on good authority that you are a pure bitch.
  4. kindwoman

    kindwoman Sista Golden Hair

    Sorry, I can't help you here. I'm sick to death of fighting after this last war of the world vs. peacefuljeffrey. It is really disheartening.
  5. i know, kynd.. jeff is cool with me. then again all the sem-newbies hate me here.

    and jugg. not now. i have shown them enuf well hold on
  6. bedlam

    bedlam Senior Member

    Is your husband a cheat too?
  7. nah, he punched me a bunch of times before then and i totally took myself away emotinally. we have BOTH gone to counseling.

    but yet they STILL love to talk about it on here.
  8. Lodog

    Lodog ¿

    cause you air your dirty laundry out for all to see.

    Hell I don't care. I was around for the whole Mr Bubbles, and Beastie Boy controversies, and it was some damn good entertainment.
  9. wasnt it though?

    i did it cause i had no real friends to vent..

    now, i realize, that anyone other then myself is worthless.

    trust is retarded- i should have leaned YEARS ago.
  10. yes that was!!! that was better then the crap that has happened here.
  11. NaykidApe

    NaykidApe Bomb the Ban

    Sigh. Intentional drama just isn't as amusing as the spontenious, out-of-nowhere kind.
  12. damn, i tried.
  13. fine i cant live anymore! i will die!
  14. i have a rasor... should i use it on my wrists or throat? which is more effective?
  15. Lodog

    Lodog ¿

    Damn Illusion. You want a hug or something?

    The best I can do is a smiley :)
  16. bedlam

    bedlam Senior Member

    throat is the go
  17. where on my throat? will a shot gun and knife work?

    and hugs wont help.. fuck them, ill just punch you.
  18. bedlam

    bedlam Senior Member

    go into the jugular vein girl with the sharpest knife you have... l'll watch, l'm a nurse and l like to see the blood...
  19. bedlam

    bedlam Senior Member

    do it so the blood flows out like a fountain..
  20. bedlam.. will you at least give me a few pain killers to make my final hours easier?


    but, but, but, but.. i wuv you. :)

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