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Discussion in 'Art' started by Anavarius, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Anavarius

    Anavarius Member


    Sorry about the size of the picture, it came out a lot bigger than
    what I expected. Well anyhow this is a picture I drew a while ago
    and I never really let anybody see it till now. It was on solid blue
    paper in a notebook.
  2. thats lovely, the colors rock! good work!
  3. strange

    strange Member

    i love the colours too, the white really looks like its glowing and shit, nice job
  4. Anavarius

    Anavarius Member

    Thanks guys this picture was never suppose to be shown to

    the public, and here I am plastering the image on the net.

    I just really met some talented people here and felt a strong
    urge to share my personal pieces.

    You guys Rock!
  5. really cool, what'd u use for the color? colored pencils?

    I like the contrasting wings a lot.
  6. Anavarius

    Anavarius Member

    Thanx !

    Yeah I used pencil crayon on blue coloured paper.
    This is one of my favourites because I made it from
    my mind, and not a picture.
  7. that's a great image..... I love all forms of fantasy art..
  8. Anavarius

    Anavarius Member

    I know fantasy is just a beautiful word in its self !!!

    Sometimes I imagine myself as a fairy or something, I
    definately have the heart as well as the look.

    I should try drawing a griffin and its rider, Now that would
    be COOL!
  9. weep

    weep Senior Member

    aww, that´s so cute! The colours are amazing! The way it´s all in some kinda harmony aww, great! Her top (or dress?) seems to be glowing. aww, I love it!!

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