Dr. Bronners peppermint soap...

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Thekarthika, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Thekarthika

    Thekarthika Member

    So it's used all around right? Yes.
    Today I decided to use it.. You know. "downstairs".. Just to feel more natural.
    Well it felt really weird.
    Kind of like if it was stronger it might hurt.. But it didn't.

    Wtf? Haha. I hope I'm not the only one.
  2. soaringeagle

    soaringeagle Senior Member

    haha yes i imagine peppermint would be ...down therees pretty sensatuive and pepermint can bve pretty strong stuff try a lavander or almond ..or diluteit more (um theres no chgance of infection oir iritation its agrevatuing is there?)
    i think peperminmt just has too much of a sting to it (that normal timgle insensative areas can really burn) teatrweew being anticeptic probly would give u a really clean clean feelin since would really kill o any bacreria n woulkdnt have the sting..

    soon as u said down there n pepermint i cringedjust remembering mishaps with pepermint
    an ex used a ton to clean out her sinuses (and anyone elses who came in the room) & 1 day she attacked me with it got a whole lot in 1 of mty dreads near my eye..worse pain ever for houers..3 hours soaking in a tub scrubbing it out n still was burning me bad but bearable..ive never used tyhe pepermint tho the eucolyptus can be pretty strong tho

    try it even more diluted but if ijt hurts try somethuing else
  3. Thekarthika

    Thekarthika Member

    No I don't think I'll get an infection. It feels normal now.
    It got in your eyes? Why the eff did she attack you anyway?

    I'll probably just switch back to the Dove soap my parents buy.
    The experience was funny though
  4. brax

    brax Member

    Dr Bronners peppermint is the only soap i use. The first couple times were real intense, intense enough that i can still remember it being a shocking experience back, many many years ago. I thought maybe i shouldn't be using it also, but now after all these years i don't feel clean unless i have had the hot stinging experience "down there" that comes with bronners peppermint.
  5. wally m

    wally m 14

    It definitely heats things up a bit right to the point of "God I hope it stops"
  6. hax

    hax Member

    its like those peppermint eye drops that make your eyes feel cool
  7. Thekarthika

    Thekarthika Member


    At least I'm not alone here. XD
  8. phil316k

    phil316k Banned

    I keep meaning to get the peppermint one, getting fed up of teatree, i was gonna make a combination,but not too sure if im gonna try the down there experience...lol
  9. Thekarthika

    Thekarthika Member

    Be sure to do the combination if you don't want a huge dandruff experience either.
  10. brax

    brax Member

    the peppermint wakes me up and gets me ready for the day, i buy it in the big bottle.
  11. scatteredleaves

    scatteredleaves Smelly Hobo

    ive heard several guys say it feels great on their lower regions lol.

    you know you dont have to (and probably shouldnt) use soap on your crotch right?
    cleaning with just warm water is much healthier. soap can lead to yeast infections, especially soap with harsh chemical detergents in it (dove body wash=uber chemicals).
  12. Advaya

    Advaya Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Yeah, what Scattered said. You shouldn't use soap on your vulva, just warm water and wash really well. Otherwise you upset the PH balance and it leads to all sorts of infections. A really, really mild soap might not be too bad. I'd recommend the unscented baby soap that bronners has, if you need to use soap.
  13. Thekarthika

    Thekarthika Member

    Hm. I've used it all my life really and haven't had any problem
    But I'll try it out and see if I feel any better.

    But that will be hard to measure.
  14. The peppermint has the exact opposite effect on me. It freezes my junk when I use it. I prefer the lavender :)

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