Down by the bay!

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by bestmarchingchick, May 31, 2004.

  1. Down by the bay...
    Where the watermelons grow...
    Back to my home...
    I dare not go...
    For if I do...
    My mother will say...
    Did you ever see a whale?
    With a poka dotted tail?
    Down by the bay...

    So on and so forth!

    Guess who this is! That's right! Loveable, LAughable, great person, Alisha!!!!!!!!!!! You missed me you know it! ;) Well I gotta go later

  2. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    omg when i was picking apples last year on my friends organic orchard, her little girl, who was a bout 3years old, and our friends daughters who were 2 and 5, used to all run around naked all day. everyonce in a while theyd grab us all and sit us down and sing and dance for us. that was one of thier favorite songs to sing. thats a riot, i love that song now.
  3. That Post Can't Be Seen
    'Cause it's wrote in bright Green
    Down by the BAY!
  4. flowerchild17

    flowerchild17 I practice safe sax.


    *sings along with song*

    I say that be named hte official marching band anthem of marching band... *ahem* Oh, along with American Pie, of course...
  5. The band anthem is sung while doing "shakes" You'll learn them in the summer. god sarah get it right!! lol jkjkjk im back ok im back
    i'll try to be more frequent so my account doesn't die again. I couldn't make the one i actually wanted cuz if stuff happened i'd have to die... but thats another story not getting into that. I'm typing bad today, and I dont care. lol

    don't mind my useless rambling... well yeah


  6. flowerchild17

    flowerchild17 I practice safe sax.

    Ah yes... I shall learn, dont worry, for I shall become forever wise...

    You better come in here more often and join me and keep me company! I dont want it to get lonely in here like it did my the FFF... *tear*
  7. I suppose I can come more often. I don't know I ight have to think about it, I mean I have the band site to post at, and the Great America forums. Then I have outwar. It's all very hectic. I don't think I could find time... *But obviously I have time if I'm posting here now, so that means that Im a big and complete liar. I sometimes have the feeling that I'm a compulsive liar. I don't know. I suppose it doesn't matter. This is like the time Jake blocked me online, except it's really not.* ...And then I have Band so I don't think I could come here all the time. Just like you won't. You're life now consists of the following: Band, Marching, Music, Marching, Marching Music, Marching, Marching Techniques, Marching, Band Music, Music, Marching, Music, MEMORIZATION, Marching, Music. Did I mention marching and music.... *This is also like the time I went to State Fair and...*What about going golfing, Sarah? You want to go?

    *This has Random Stuff with Alisha Louise*
  8. flowerchild17

    flowerchild17 I practice safe sax.

    MARK. TIME. MARK! I finally got it now... Took me two times but I got it! I was confused... I didn't know when you said LEFT! if you meant it hsould be down or not... But I got it! :D *horrah for me*

    I still didn't figure out what the hell a shake is...

    I'd love to go mini golfing, tis the perfect day for it, too.

    And finally, unlike you Alisha I dont sleep very much. I'll find time to be on here, I've made a COMPLETE DEDICATION to a new good forum on these boards and damned if I'm gonna let it go to hell! *stomps foot* so there.

  9. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    I like that song...
  10. seahorse

    seahorse Senior Member

    did you ever see a cow with a green eyebrow?

    down by the bAY!

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