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    Hey, i'm soon ending my highschool years and wanted some advice and thoughts about college. First of all for you're expiriences, would you have rather study in the USA or a foreing country. I have no idea what i whant to study but i will be something bettween art(music) and science(no medic, no lawyer), at least for now. Unfourtenetly in todays world theirs no other option than to go to college. The reason i think that i have toruble deciding is thought of what i'm gonna do after i finish college. It's risky to be a fulltime musician(witch i'd love) than to be biologist or something. What are you're regrets in the decisions you've made about college?

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    Hi Brega

    that's a tough one for me man, I left high school on my 15th birthday as my birthday present to me.

    I am also a musician, but have only begun to make a little money out of it in the last 10 years (I'm 50).

    Its a hard road. Even so I've always had a back up career, (looking after the elderly).
    Never thought the two would go together, but now I'm a music therapist singing and playing and teaching the elderly.

    Because it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for you. Before you make any decisions I think you should talk to some more musicians,

    I am in a group called Musicians United Resources, they are excellent for advice.

    Talk to lots of people Brega, get a wide range of opinions, then make your decision.

    love peace GAIA

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