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    I have just brought some psyciobe cubenus mushrooms and i've never tried mushrooms before i was wondering two things, first i have brought 30 grams is that enough for me and my freind and also how many dried shrooms do i need to eat i.e how many stems or caps i don't have scales.[​IMG]
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    depends on the size but if you have the 30grams you can just sepaarate them by eye, but if there dry i ususally do 4 grams, if not dry probly significanly more like 25+ grams

    check out erowid for more info
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    HI there,

    Theere is a 10x increase in weight when fresh. So if you have 30 grams fresh shrooms then that would be 3 dried grams. Between 2 this is 1.5 dried grams, I'd say enough for a light trip for you and your freind.

    You have no scales but you are only splitting the ammount in 2 so approximating it will be fine.


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