Discussion in 'Heavy Metal' started by Shaw-Min, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

    Sabbath, Pentagram, Electric Wizard, Sleep...

    Let's talk DOOM!
  2. oooo Electric Wizard rules. here's my favs

    Diesto (real slow, real stonery, real obscure Portland band)
    Zebulon Pike (instrumental psych!)
    Earthless (more instrumental psych! ZP is better tho)
    Monarch! (the slowest music ever created without being drone)
    Black Elk (more verging on noise rock but amazing as fuck)
  3. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

    I like Earthless. Not real doom-y, but good.
  4. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    Drop... out of life... with bong.... in.....hand
    Follow...the smoke... towards the... riff.... filled... land
  5. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    Hope to catch Pentagram live this year! Their really awesome, talk about pioneers right ;)
    I love these bands shows. Catched them all except Sleep unfortunately. Thought they broke up?
    Earthless isn't doom at all indeed, but if they're in your neighbourhood be sure to go see 'em. Saw them twice and they blew my mind both times :biggrin:
  6. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

  7. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

    Who else thinks that "Witchcult Today" was a work of genius?
  8. ghost of rat

    ghost of rat Senior Member

    Monarch, Sunn O)), Boris } Noisy, droning, experimental doom

    Burning Witch } raw, grunge doom

    Erg Noor, Tears of Mankind } Melodic doom

    Quasar } Soul-crushing Funeral doom

    Kauan } Ive never heard metal like this before- soo relaxing and dreamy, lots of soft, gentle keyboard melodies ^cant stop listening to them lol.
  9. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I'm generally only into old school doom like Pentagram, Candlemass, Reverend Bizarre and Witchfynder general etc. Also dig bands like Cathedral and stoner doom like Sleep, Acid King and Spirit Caravan. The drone stuff is only cool live in my experience, but gets kind of boring. :p Just like the shoegaze drone/doom crossovers.
  10. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

    Drone is pretty cool for just chillin' and smoking weed or whatever, definitely not that good for active listening.
  11. Quoth the Raven

    Quoth the Raven RaveIan

    Psh, once cannot talk about doom metal without mentioning My Dying Bride.. fuckin awesome stuff.
  12. Shaw-Min

    Shaw-Min Member

    My Dying Bride is like 5% doom.

    I like trad stuff.
  13. Stonertower420

    Stonertower420 Senior Member

    Ahab anyone? Perhaps some dISEMBOWELMENT?
  14. Love dISEMBOWELMENT. What about Skepticism, Winter, Candlemass and Thergothon?

    Or how about doom-death like Infester, Divine Eve, Obituary, Asphyx and Incantation?
  15. Stonertower420

    Stonertower420 Senior Member

    I could never get into Thergothon because I can't find anything by them. Winter, Incantation, and Obituary are all fucking badass though.

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