don't even read this i'm just ranting.

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by seizedbyanger, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    its so often that my dad tries to send me on a guilt trip and it never works because after years and years i just don't care anymore, and now its just getting really fucking annoying cuz this is an often thing over stupid shit.

    like 30 minutes ago he said good night or something and i didn't hear him and then all i caught was 'god why do i even fucking bother with you' and i was like what the fuck? and hes like i was saying good night and you didn't say good night back and i was like well i probably didn't hear you good night and hes like whatever its not like you mean it all pmsing like a little bitch and is like whatever i hope you have enough saved up cuz when you're 18 i'm kicking you out blah blah i hear this often enough, then he walks away.

    so then he just randomly comes back ten minutes later and like 'what the fuck why would you think i would kick you out' and i was like well A: you just told me and B: you told mom and so he bitches and i was like can we please not do this at 10:30 at night? and hes like no i'll do this whevener i fucking want to. oh wait- theres never a good time to talk to you because you hate me i was like i never said that and hes like omg well then when was the last time you told me you loved me huh? and i was like when do i ever tell anyone i love them and his answer? 'your cat' wtf. shes my cat i talk to her like a baby.

    so hes like so when you grow up are you ever gonna call me? i was like maybe and he was like no you're not! and i was like you're right i'm not if you're gonna keep pissing me off i'm not going to want to talk to anybody i'm pissed off at and his response? 'i'm not paying for you to go to college'

    LOL. i didn't even answer this. because he has no money, no job. my family can't even afford to get our car fixed. and plus, there are four of us. like he was gonna be able to pay for me anyways.

    so like 30 seconds pass and hes like you're going to college right? and i was like yes of course i'm not gonna be a bum my whole life (like you, but i was thinking this). and he was like you gonna get a good paying job? and i was like uh yes and hes like you gonna pay for me when i need you to? and all i said was did you pay for me when i needed you to?

    then he threw a little temper tantrum to himself and now hes in his room crying to my mom about me some more.

    which i find it fucked up that all of us are distant from him yet he still has his favorites, and obviously i think i'm in last place.

    /end rant
  2. whitley21

    whitley21 Member

    Wall Of Text!!
  3. blindside828

    blindside828 Member

    its not a wall, your dad just needs to stop being a little bitch and playing you with words. If he did that I would just not say anything.
  4. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    if i don't say anything i get those

    'you're ignoring me because you hate me and if you hate me i'm gonna treat you even more like i hate you'


    theres just no winning. by my junior year of college i'dd be like 4 hours away.
    unfortunately i'm going to the community college for my associates degree and then transferring to a university, so i just have to deal until then.
  5. Mother's Love

    Mother's Love Generalist

    ask him if hes psychic. if he knows how the future will be, why does he bother asking you? you don't know if you will/ will not call him. its the future, you aren't supposed to know.
    let him hate you. " i know i know, you hate me, i'll never be good enough, i steal your favorite cookies out of the kitchen, can i go to bed now?"

    hes obviously a moron, let him dig his own grave. when hes old and says "why don't you call me?" you can say "because you've always been a prick to me."

    its not YOUR problem, its HIS problem, and he needs to work it out, or not, for himself.
  6. philywilly

    philywilly Member

    someone was like saying this.. and then someone like that.. like like like like like like x 500bilion

    yeah.. i got lost after 2 paragraphs.
  7. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    yeahh i guess.

    i just wish he wasn't so annoying!
  8. jimgolf

    jimgolf Member

    Well I would have to say just be nice to him, this way you know that you are never in the wrong. (Although, by reading, I assume you are).

    My parents both had several mental illnesses. They were both alcoholics as well. My mom and dad suffered from Bi-polar disorder and my dad had schizophrenia. Theres a good chance they have others as well, but I've never bothered them about it.

    Anyway, what I'm getting at is I took the same amount of shit too. Now, over the years I've been more than nice to both of them and when they get in these mood swings I've become more understanding. In short, I really don't take anything they say serious and brush it off because they usually never mean it.(and they usually apologize later)

    Maybe it seems your father could be having problems outside of what you know and venting it out on you and your mother is to him, the only way to let it out. If this is the case, possibly sit him down one day and actually have a talk with him about what he may be going through and what he finds so wrong with you. One thing however is for certain, you should never be on negative terms with people you love. I've learned that on more than one occasion.

    Anyway, goodluck. :)
  9. drew5147

    drew5147 Dingledodie

    You should tell your father to promply remove the stick from his anal cavity.
  10. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    ^haha aw i needed a giggle.

    my dads problems are whether theres some yuengling in the fridge and if his computer game is gonna work and if hes gonna have a good playing day.

    to the best of my knowledge.
  11. I know when I fail at Rock Band my day just goes to shit.... ;)
  12. †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg

    †ù®Ké¥ š†ûƒƒïñg Eminent Herbalist

    Sounds to me like he isn't ready for you to grow up...
  13. weallhumalong

    weallhumalong Member

    exactly. he loves you and hes really sad that you're growing up, and naturally, growing further away from him. plus if thats what his life consists of then im sure he feels like shit about it and is just incredibly insecure and im sure he feels completely pathetic inside about not having a job or being able to support his family and i think hes just really looking for some love and compassion. and with you growing up and all, he misses his little girl. he probably feels like he failed you for a father and is wondering if youre gonna be able to forgive him for it when youre out and on your own.

    my 2 cents anyway

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