Don't Bomb Syria

Discussion in 'UK Parties and Protests' started by Joshua Tree, Apr 12, 2018.

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    Than before we invaded? Yes. They were a stable country with a stable infrastructure. And more to the point, the world was better off because they were a secular state and now they're a breeding ground for extremism.

    I'm not saying Saddam was good for his people but there are a lot of countries in the world with brutal, authoritarian rulers and we cant go around toppling each one because...well, because of what happened with Iraq. Iraq is exactly why its a bad idea
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    Iran–Iraq–Syria pipeline - Wikipedia

    Before ISIS was in Syria we spent $500,000,000 to train, equip Syrian rebels to help in their effort to overthrow Assad.
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    I love how our president is a billionaire and fucks porn stars
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    i love how us westerners ruin uk threads
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    Ok you're right, we'll just let the two people from the UK discuss instead. Should be entertaining!

    And I'll look forward to not seeing you comment on American topics anymore as well!
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    But when it does work, no one cares. Whether it was Vietnam, Iraq, Korea, either World War or the American Civil War, these wars were fought to--at least in part--liberate oppressed people. And Roosevelt and Lincoln have been heralded as heroes by history. Johnson and Bush on the other hand, war mongering elitists or incompetents or whatever.

    Seems to me that American military intervention overseas is accepted--after the fact--when it is successful, and criticized--after the fact--when it is not.

    They're all gambles. If Bush had found WMDs and Iraq was now a flourishing and stable democracy, he'd be revered, despite the fact that he, the military and USA as a whole would have done nothing different; only the circumstances would have been different.

    My point is, if anything good comes out of this, Trump will be remembered as one of the greatest American presidents, just as Roosevelt would have been a dud if the USA had their asses kicked all over Europe and the Pacific in WWII.

    We just want a winner.
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    thread was about a protest rally

    no one speaks of it except for the op
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    I'm cynical enough to see the wisdom in this

    Although the Syrian situation is pretty lost, I cant see anything good coming from it period, no matter who is involved
  9. I thought Obama's Syria policy was pretty good. About the only thing I'd do differently from Obama if it were my call is the proposal that I made earlier in the thread about using sanctions to force Russia to allow the UN Security Council to refer this war to the International Criminal Court.

    I don't know about that. We have the right to defend ourselves, and so does Saudi Arabia.

    If the Yemeni groups in question were not trying to attack and destroy the United States and Saudi Arabia, we wouldn't be defending ourselves against them.

    Keep in mind that so long as Saddam was in power we had to keep troops in Saudi Arabia, and al-Qa'ida was using that as a recruiting tool. Toppling Saddam allowed us to pull all our troops out of Saudi Arabia.

    The war on terror would have been a different fight if the US had kept troops in Saudi Arabia the whole time.

    Although, when we captured Saddam at the end of 2003 we should have just quietly killed him and buried him in the desert somewhere where no one would find him, then immediately withdrew from Iraq and left them to themselves.
  10. That was more of an effort to help them resist being massacred by Assad. We didn't make them nearly strong enough to overthrow Assad.
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    Spiff--do you think it's proper to call democrats demotards in your position as a super moderator? Doesn't seem responsible to me.
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    Are female Trumpets called Strumpets...Or crumpets...Sorry I never said that.
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    a rose by any other name is still a rose
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    just like, don't bomb anyone?

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