Doing what your wife wants?

Discussion in 'Free Love' started by silap79, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. silap79

    silap79 Member

    Has anyone had a gay/bi experience whilst their wife/girlfriend has watched, what has she wanted you to do? and how far did you/would you go? Was it good would you do it again? Did it turn your wife/girlfriend on?
  2. 3rd Husband

    3rd Husband Banned

    Maybe this will quality. My wife and I were with a friend, who fucked her as I watched. Then she asked him to pull his cock out of her ****, then asked me to suck it while she watched.

    How could I refuse? After all, his cock has been in her **** and I could taste her pussy juices on him. It seems perfectly normal to me for a husband to suck the cock of anyone who fucks his wife.
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  3. jimandjan

    jimandjan Member

    Wife suggested it once, when we were with a couple we met with often. The girls were together, while us guys were recovering, from round one. They suggested we get together, we declined. That was the end of it.

    Once in a mfm she guided my hand down and put it on his dick and told me to guide it in her pussy. I pulled it back, he said it won't bite. She put my hand on it again, and said you know you want to watch him fuck me. She told me to feel how big and hard it was. I just guided it in, and never touched it again. Later she asked me how it felt, I told her big yes, but I never did understand why she talked about how hard it was. I never cared to explore any farther, and she accepted that.
  4. jameske91

    jameske91 Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Hello, I see you two like to have fun. To bad you don't live in DC. I think women get the same thrill seeing two men together just like us men like seeing two women together. However, I guess the difference is; women really don't mind doing thing with one another; for example; changing in front of each other, going to the bathroom together, sharing clothes, touching on there bodies...

    Men do none of the above. It's breaking the man code to do such things. I like doing mfm but like you,I cannot touch another guy.

    Jim, I guess your wife now understands your unwillingness to touch another man. I just isn't own opinion.
  5. DaveTheBiGuy

    DaveTheBiGuy Members

    3rd Husband,
    While I TOTALLY AGREE that it seems "PERFECTLY NORMAL", only a TRULY bisexual (maybe even gay) guy would be so GENUINELY EXCITED to suck another guy's cock that was just in yours/his wife (I'm a Bisexual married guy, so I'm DEFINITELY NOT passing judgment on ANYONE). But, if you're only sucking that guy's cock AT YOUR WIFE'S INSISTENCE and PERSUASION, and it WASN'T "part of the plan all along".... Then your wife (and possibly the other man) has essentially made you a CUCKOLD. There's NOTHING wrong with that either though. MANY men out there would do ANYTHING to make their wives HAPPY, including sucking another man's cock (or MORE). Taking another guy's cock in your mouth at her INSISTENCE (again though, NO "Straight" guy would even CONSIDER it) will give the wife an OBVIOUS SENSE OF EMPOWERMENT and DOMINANCE, and CONTROL over her husband. (this HAS HAPPENED to ME, and I've been my wife's CUCKOLD, and SECONDARY SEXUAL PARTNER/LOVER for the LAST 3 YEARS ). It would also indicate STRONG SUBMISSIVE tendencies on the husband's behalf, as MOST Straight "alpha" (sexually "dominant") guys would let their SELF EGO get in the way of "sharing" their wife/girlfriend or doing something they'd be uncomfortable with in meeting/TRULY satisfying the needs/desires of the woman in their life.
    While I believe it seems "PERFECTLY NORMAL" to WANT/DESIRE sucking the cock of the man who's also banging my wife (especially considering he's getting MORE action with her than I get at this point) ... I've found (for ME anyways) the ULTIMATE WAY to show my submissiveness to NOT ONLY my wife, but ALSO to HIM as well as BOTH of them ASSERTING THEIR SEXUAL DOMINANCE over me is to sit and WATCH them MAKE LOVE (It's DEFINITELY NOT just "casual sex" for them), then being "ordered" by my wife (or even him) to EAT HIS CREAMPIE out of her after he's UNLOADED in her. Mmm, YUMMY
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  6. BarryAllen

    BarryAllen Members

    My life in a nutshell Davethebiguy.
  7. ArtyB

    ArtyB Members

    My wife gets everything that she asks of me. I have a greedy sex drive so gets complete satisfaction. I know she worries about me not getting enough sex, that's why she lets me fuck other women

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