Doing anything about being a slave?

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by AmericanTerrorist, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. So, if you see the truth and believe that we are all owned by the banks and the true government ... that everything we know is a lie and we are all slaves to them... my question to you is...what are you doing about it? Do you just tell some people online or else where about it but beyond that just live your life and value the things that are real and important to you? Or are you prepping for when shit goes down? Or doing something more extreme? Or.. just...forgetting about it, figuring there is nothing you can do and at least they don't have your mind? (or maybe things like...not paying taxes or using their services (lol yea...) or planting your own seeds/growing your own food, etc.?
    I'm genuinely curious as to what other ppl are DOING. I personally feel like I should do something yet I also feel like there is not much to do as most ppl are blissfully asleep and given enough "freedom" to not care...
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    Yes, I am a big fan of growing your own food. The white house is not eating the genetically modified food, why do you think that is? The elite know the truth. It's been a huge lie to sell the public on the idea that this modified food will help solve world hunger. In fact it ends up getting you sick. I think one of the best things to do is to be vocal and always try to lead others in the right direction. You affect one person, they affect a few, those then tell someone and soon the truth is spreading. One spark can in the end become a huge fire.

    But I also do have to sort of agree with you, there is little that can be done. Many people are operating under the assumption that the government is acting with their best interests in mind and thus they will trust what the government tells them. Especially in the post 9/11 world where they believe they will be harmed if they do not.
  3. Yeah, I do not trust gmo's and think it's just another way they are poisoning us and killing us off now, as we speak. I used to think the elites plans were future plans but I've come to realize they are already happening more than most ppl think... and going to get worse, but already happening. I wish I had more space outdoors to grow my own food. I used to have a pretty decent veggie garden in my grandparents yard but alas.. no more. Gonna try to grow some things indoors soon or maybe at some other family members house..and I do have a small stockpile of food for emergencies (non perishables) but really, if money is no longer valid to buy food, it really won't last that long.
    And I do agree with you that even just opening one person's eyes, who may in turn do the same and on and on is a good thing and sometimes all you can do... but, at the same time, sometimes I start to think, with all this going can ppl pretty much sit back and...allow it. But I guess that's the thing- there's really not too much you can do when you really think about it. I think there should be a project to get certain high level elites locked up- just because I think there should be, but that would never happen because if a few ppl even tried to do that they would be the ones locked up indefinitely without a trial and made to look insane- it would have to be a lot of ppl working together on the truth at once and I do not see that happening. In any case, it's hard to live in a world sometimes not doing much.. over the weekend I got in a weird space and couldn't get out of the downright sadness and scariness about it actually. But, I don't think you can stay in that state for too long. Today, it was back to the grind- taking care of my son and living my life and at least appreciating that my mind is free...
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    Are we continuing to vote government tax increases? Do we buy into Govvy rhetoric about inequality whilst its biggest supporters live the pimp life under-taxed in mansions with a water view?

    Do we "buy-in" to Govvy promoted crisis that require more Gov. employees to fixit and more tax dollars to insure that said crisis be solved?

    What to think when IRS commissioners take the Fifth Ammendment during a Congressional investigation?

    Are we worried about Corporations?
  5. Of course we are worried about corporations. I mean, corporations are people too. :) (how right that statement is considering the united states is listed as a CORPORATION owned by international bankers and aristocracy of Europe and Britain. The Incorporated United States.)

    And...nope. Don't believe their rhetoric about anything and don't/won't vote anymore. Maybe if everyone just stopped voting all at once? Maybe if combined with stopping all other ways of feeding the system.
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    The best thing you can do is vote every day with your dollar. It's really the only thing you can do. It's not really as easy as it sounds unfortunately.
  7. Along those lines, we do have the power to shut things down.
    But, call me a pessimist if you want- really I'm a realist, but that is not gonna happen... not by maybe 1-10% of the population doing it, and even that percentage is high and not 100% for any given person.
    I mean, most ppl NEED to own their land or buy gasoline, etc.

    But, yea, I get what you're saying and it's good.
  8. Meliai

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    yeah, most of us are forced to buy into the system one way or another. Even if you avoid buying gm food or mass produced goods, most of us still have to pay for gas to get to work, etc. I've looked into living completely off the grid and it takes a tremendous amount of work and dedication. I would like to do it eventually but I don't think I'll be at that point for a long time. I think the best anyone can do is just play our small part to make things better and try to raise awareness so that others realize this system isn't working.

    I think any significant change would require massive amounts of funding, either from government or a well-meaning corporation of sorts. I don't really see that happening, at least in this country. I did read that Germany is looking to use 80% renewable energy by the year 2050, I think they're up to 25 % now. I wish the American government was a little more forward thinking like that.
  9. Yea... a lot, a lot of work... and money... I'd like to have an underground shelter w everything sustainable for many years there but that's not happening right now.

    You know- what I'd REALLY like to see is someone ask the federal government the direct question and somehow hold them accountable to answering us about why the United States is listed as a corporation and why D.C. makes us do things when they have no legal authority to do anything outside of those 10 or so square miles.
    Basically, I'd like answers demanded of them... people are all worried about things like Benghazi and the gov. answering questions about things like that when congress has no legal obligation to answer to us (the people)-they need to answer to the people who own the company... it would be interesting if someone brought that to their attention in a very public way and MADE them answer. (and I can see that happening about when pigs fly.)
  10. Mr. Bleak

    Mr. Bleak Member

    I believe what is really important for the majority of people is to share knowledge. There are varying degrees of truth involved in the awakening process. Varying time frames as one goes deeper and deeper into the horrifying realm that is today's reality. Each person will react differently as they gain knowledge and each will require time.

    I believe that the majority of people feel that there is a problem. That they feel offended and indignant at what their life has become, but cannot define the issue or its origin. As the knowledge is available they see and hear things, glimpses of reality, that they process later. This is the key for the majority.

    And, it is my opinion, that those who know more, that see more, have more of a responsibility. That the further one goes down that path, the heavier the responsibility.

    That the end of the path is a point and once enough people reach that point, well....
  11. It would be really nice if more people felt empowered to put their actions into practice with their ideals. Even better if more folks could adjust their ideals further away from the consumer culture. But the fact is - it is a lot of work and discomfort to live sustainably and as a free individual. Also - the risk is often great. But when you end up breaking it down, all the work and trouble to live free usually pales compared to the stress and anxiety of living as another peg in the machine.
    For instance - I am 39 y/o and have never had a drivers license. I've owned a good 8 or so vehicles - all illegal, all with faked papers. This makes me one of the best drivers on the road (because I can't have anything go wrong), gives me a great sense of freedom, and also frees up a lot of time and money I would otherwise spend getting all that driving stuff in order. Plus - it's like one more little 'f u' to the man. But - I have the stress every time I see police lights or a checkpoint. I can't rent a car, could never get a legit job that required a license, etc.
    Same goes with taxes. I've never filed. Have made more than enough money every year - but refuse to deal with the paperwork and bs that goes along with the gov wanting their piece. But, instead - I have to be careful about how I spend. Can't use banks. In fact - they would wonder how the hell I got any money. Even when I was running a legitimate organic farm I still never claimed what I made or filled out any of the required paperwork.
    I think in the end - it is going to take a lot of people to make the decision that they just aren't going to jump thru the hoops anymore - that they won't play the game.
    These are just 2 examples. But it is possible to completely eschew the mainstream culture. You can live off grid and still chat on HF. You can refuse to pay taxes and carry identifying paperwork yet still drive and enjoy entertainment and outings. You can have a healthy life because you avoid their processed foods and medicines and chemical products. It's only hard in the beginning, and if you judge what you have against what 'they' have.
  12. Oh, I thought this thread was going to be about marriage
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    Wrong forum buddy. Think your looking for the relationship forum. You would think with 5000+ posts you would know your way around here...
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    I dont visit "the outer skin" very much.. ;)
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    At least your a slave who is getting some in that case. Unless you have pissed her off.

  16. Oh, looks like I hit a nerve ;)

    As for postcount, Its probably twice that many posts, RT didnt count for a while or still doesnt or something
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    sure, i've chosen to live as a second class citizen by not owning a car, instead of indenturing myself for one. likewise on many other fronts, where i've "skated" through life, doing without many things people are commonly brainwashed into believing they "can't".

    could have done more. could have had more. had i been more willing to slave for credit. doubt very much i would have enjoyed life any more considering the price i would have had to pay in the form of stress for doing so.

    watched my father being eaten out from the inside be the stress to live a 'normal' mainstream life. felt it totally worth while to avoid the same fate. still do.
  18. You know... I really think this post (sorry, just read it) and mostly I do agree with you... pass on knowledge- best thing you can do. Wake more people up and they wake more people up, etc., etc.
    EXCEPT-sometimes it seems like... it's always either one of two things- preaching to the choir so to speak- a bunch of people who already know certain things talking about it... OR... the other people who really aren't gonna see what you see and there's nothing you can do.
    So, it's kinda frustrating in that way to me.

    And when you say ....when enough people reach that point....
    Then......???? ......???

    ^cause what concerns me about that is... what if "enough" people reach that point but they just sit online talking about it?
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    You won't be so smug when you finally get busted and/or the IRS comes down on your ass like a load of bricks.
  20. Pretty much what I was thinking.

    You can be the best driver in the world but... you could still have a tail light go out or someone could hit your vehicle.

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