Does this senerio happen often to you guys?

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by TresBizzare420, Jun 27, 2006.

  1. While working retail hell, an older lady came up to me. "Did someone get mad at you or something?"

    This variation of "why would you get piercings?" put a bit of a smile on my face, along-side a sigh.
  2. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    yeah, i think that basically everyone who has altered their body encounters this at least once.
    Dh has some tattoos on his upper arms, and once he was at work and reaching for something for this older lady and his sleeve rolled up a bit. She gasped and pointed at his arm and said, "sin!" then she walked out of the store. yesh.
    When I used to work at this diner, I'd get customers all the time (usually old guys) and say, "you're so pretty, why do you put holes in your face?" or, "why would you do that to yourself?" and basically any other variation of that....
    it's annoying as hell, but you've just gotta ignore it. I always smile at them when they say that...especially when I'm at work and kinda obnoxiously say, "have a good day," REALLY cheery-like.
  3. Exactly. Not letting it get to you, is the thing still keeping your day a good one.
  4. ahimsa

    ahimsa Senior Member

    No doubt, modified people will encounter negative responses. I even had a woman tell me it was a sin to have a ponytail(I have no idea why).

    However, I would say that 99% of all comments I get about my tattoos and piercings are absolutely positive, supportive, and kind. The bottom line is most people don't care, most of those who do are fascinated by them, and most people who don't like them aren't rude enough to say anything.

  5. DeathRowDisco

    DeathRowDisco Member

    I get a lot of rude comments - especially being 18 and having a few facial piercings (some of which I've had for a couple years or more). A lot of people say things like "Why would you do that to yourself?" or "You're a beautiful young woman, why would you want to destroy your face like that?" etc.

    I usually just pretend they aren't there, just ignore them. You're so cute, why would you want to take away from that by wearing such a bright shirt? Why not wear torn, dirty clothes to keep peoples' focus towards your gorgeous face, instead of your clothes? That's usually what I feel like telling those people.
  6. dreadlockswampy

    dreadlockswampy Swampmiester

    i havn't had any rude comments as such, just funny ones
    in pubs n stuff, like how do you kiss with that in your lip
    or how do you go down on a woman etc,

    I normaly reply by "the same as you, you do like women don't you ???" but most of the time people just stare, it doesn't bother me at all, i just ignore them.
  7. You all love it.
  8. Silentnewage

    Silentnewage Member

    Haha...I remember one time this really old couple came into my store and the old man said to his wife sarcasticly "Well that nose stud would look lovely on your" and she just gave him this are you crazy look and said "no thank you"
    I think people will have something to say for just about anything.
  9. dreadlockswampy

    dreadlockswampy Swampmiester

    Shhhhh don't tell everyone :)
  10. lol..I have a cousin who's heavily pierced, and the uncles like to tease him..."Hey, son, what happened? Didya fall into the tackle box?" Pretty funny really, and he takes it well and laughs w/'em. (rolls eyes) S'ok really...there'll be whole generation of us at the old folks home all piereced and inked up....well, inked anyway...they prob'ly won't allow us to keep our rings in the old folks homes....those buggars!
  11. barefoot_kirstyn

    barefoot_kirstyn belly flop

    ^ yeah, by that time, we'll still be the freaks cuz our kids will think that we're all weird...
  12. rebubla72

    rebubla72 Member

    i started getting inked the day i turned 18; that was many moons ago. my poor mother was kept in the dark for a few years until she saw onw through a shirt i was wearing and said " i hope that washes off" now 20 tats later she just winces at the ink and piercings. mostly people wnat to know if my earings actually go all the way through my ears & did the ink hurt. i tell them hell no it felt great!!!
  13. pixie_matt

    pixie_matt Member

    Superficial farts the lot of them - good to have a way of identifying such people so you don't have to waste your time on them ;-)

    Mondays - bah humbug!
  14. Vessy

    Vessy Member

    I get this a lot at my work "why do you hate your dad so much to do that to yourself" (don't see how that one is even funny) or like most other people you are so beautiful why ruin it with that thing in your lip... most just as why and i say cause i felt like it... or the best is when i first got it done and people would say "you know you got something in your lip" i would reply "really? oh shit thanks for telling me *rolls eyes*"
    i'd like to think they are jealous that they can't pull it off heh
  15. dollydagger

    dollydagger Needle to the Groove

    what i really dislike is when people try to touch my tatoos....why???
    Or I get "is that real?".....eesh

    I have a scrpit written down the backs of my arm(not in English) and people are always asking me what it means. At first I had no prblem with that. But after a few blank stares and people just walking away, I dont tell anymore. Its a beautiful(and personal) script, and I just found it rude when I would share something of myself and they would just turn and walk away....I mean, what the hell? No thanks for sharing or nothing
  16. Barbuchon

    Barbuchon Member

    hahahaha, owned. I love you.
  17. Barbuchon

    Barbuchon Member

    you know if you didn't want to be disturbed with that you could just had get it inked somewhere else. in the end you get the results of your choice.
  18. dollydagger

    dollydagger Needle to the Groove

    if i wanted everyone to know what it meant, i would have put it in plain i said, i was fine telling people what it means, and if they are the type that i think would appreciate it, no prob....

    and it looks better on my arms
  19. Barbuchon

    Barbuchon Member

  20. dances in pajamas

    dances in pajamas strange little girl

    I have a really cute nose stud and people are so rude about it. You don't need to say anything if you can't say something nice or ask politely why I pierced myself.

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