Does The Academy Want to Dictate to Film Producers?

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Dax, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. Dax

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    The Academy’s new diversity rules are due to come into effect in four years time. So starting with the 96th Oscars, in order to be considered for Best Film, a movie will have to feature: (1) underrepresented groups, either in substantial roles, the overall ensemble, or in its narrative themes; (2) a certain number of key crew members must be female and/or gay, nonwhite, or disabled; (3) the film’s distributor must employ apprentices or paid interns from underrepresented groups; and (4) the company must have female, gay, nonwhite, and/or disabled executives in its marketing, publicity, or distribution team.

    So is it now about politics and not cinema? Will forced diversity mean a better quality of movies?

    What do you think?
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  2. Pete's Draggin'

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    The Oscars from day one has always been about politics.

    Hollywood politics that is

    Distribution corporations $$
    Production corporations $$
    Directors $$
    Actor/ Actress $$

    It's always been the awards of "increasing everyone's salary" based on popularity, who knows who and who owes who.

    I would love to see a documentary movie based on behind the scenes Hollywood politics. Lots of Harvey in this movie.

    I'd be like Jerry Mcguire's book that got him fired. "The Truth "

    Back on topic

    I love the new diversity rule changes.
    It won't be such a family affair in Hollywood.
    Now the Hollywood machine will have to find an hire the best talent instead of juicing in family and favors.
  3. Eric!

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    I don’t like it. Hollywood should just stick to making movies for the sole purpose of entertainment and quit sticking their nose in politics and pushing their own agendas. This is truly what I think and how I feel- HOWEVER....Hollywood has the power of influence, and is very good at swaying public opinion. It shows every time a movie comes out that’s controversial or riddled with conspiracies. They help us think and to “question.”
    I think the Oscar requirements are quite extreme and completely unnecessary. Producers will be more inclined to be focused on making the best movies possible for the sake of making top dollar at the box office, and will care less about the Oscars.
  4. Pete's Draggin'

    Pete's Draggin' The surfin' gonna be good Staff Member Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator


    Total polar opposites
    Pete n Eric!

    About time we disagreed Gee-mony... lolz
  5. sherman march

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    I think the Politburo of Hollywood has spoken and within a very few years will come to regret its decision when it sees that a huge chunk of the movie business will simply relocate to other countries whose movie/entertainment businesses haven't lost their minds or they will simply say "fuck the Oscars" and hire who they want or need to make their product regardless of handicap status, gender identification, race, etc. Money rules Hollywood and when it becomes clear that this decision is hurting the bottom line for the popular entertainment industry the Hollywood Politburo will find a way to reverse their decision without admitting it was a mistake.

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