Does "smoke" herbal blend show up on drug tests?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing and Legal Issues' started by dep123, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. dep123

    dep123 Member

    I know this sounds stupid because its a legal blend, but ive been reading that the chillin and yucatan fire blends have showed up positive for marijuana on peoples drug tests. I have also read that the spice brands dont show up, so im not worried.

    But smoke, by organic worx, has anybody tested positive after using this, or knows its possible?
  2. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    If it does, have them do a follow up test. Maybe even inform them you smoked a LEGAL smoking blend.
  3. Veers

    Veers Guest

    I highly doubt any of the legal blends will show up on a standard test, no THC no positive.
  4. SpENS93

    SpENS93 Illuminati

    no thc, no worries
  5. Only a couple of the herbal blends actually have added chemicals. Most are just plain ol herbal blends.
    I use to smoke Zohai back when it was available and it gave me false positives on home thc tests, so i had to flush at the last minute when I was tested. Though most people say Spice doens't show up.
  6. The only legal smoke that might show up is spice, because it has actual chemicals that are related to THC. It would work the same way as DXM and PCP. DXM is pretty closely related to PCP and therefore sometimes gives people a false positive for it. Most other legal smoke stuff is scams and have nothing in them. Unfortunately I cant think of a single situation where the people would be understanding enough to give you a second chance because you used a marijuana alternative, although if it was for probation, and you were gonna get locked up, I'm sure you could fight it.
  7. jia

    jia Member

    I believe Spice has the JWH-018 and others. These chemicals are not at all chemically similar to THC.
  8. danxdan

    danxdan Member

    the jwh-018 might but most legal buds or blends won't.
  9. True, but they act on cannabinoid receptors in a very similar way.
  10. UsefulIdiot

    UsefulIdiot Member

    Is this your personal opinion or do you have some sources that would back this up?
  11. GregTheMagician

    GregTheMagician Senior Member

    i think they really haven't been on the market long enough for anyone to know for sure. probably not though, but don't count on it.
  12. Spice can cause a false positive for THC on cheap tests like urine tests.
    If that happens just say you don't smoke cannabis and you'd like them to do a more accurate test.

    Also, Spice contains some of the CP synthetic cannabinoids, not the JWH ones.
    I think the old blends did but there was a lot of testing on legal highs products done recently and that's what they showed.
  13. shemp

    shemp Guest

    I failed a random drug test at work for smoking spice JWH-018. I am currently suspended until the test comes back from the lab. Is there anything I should do? get a lawyer? I want to get paid for the days i am off since it is there drug test that is flawed.
  14. shemp

    shemp Guest

    Ok well work just called. My test from the lab came back clean. Now I have to go back to work. :( Oh well I guess I can look foreward to a couple days off everytime i test. :)

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