Does my wife have a hole???

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by novaboy, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. novaboy

    novaboy Member

    I'm new to this board, so I hope I'm not out of line. I do not know all the rules to this site yet.

    My wife and I have been married for 1 year and 7 months. We were both virgins when we got married (we're 26 and 25 now). To this day, I still cannot get my dick in her hardly at all!! She orgasms very quickly the second I start rubbing her clit though, so thats good. We've tried Astroglide, KY, but nothing seems to work. Its not that its just tight, it just seems like I hit a brick wall in her everytime my head is almost all the way in. We tried her being on top the past few days and she loves it!! In the past she demanded that I be on top ccause "Its the only way it will get in there". The problem still is that I cannot get in her. She's a little sheepish about just spreadin em wide and letting me lube up and stick it in her. It has to be us kissing and holding eachother while we're trying.

    Another thing that might be a problem is that she's always trying to put my dick in toward the front of her vagina, and I can clearly see that the largest portion of the hole is toward the butt, but then she thinks I'm going to put it up her butt.

    She is completely against my fingers feeling around up there and will have nothing to do with that.

    I'm starting to wonder if she even has a hole!! LOL

    She has put a tampon up there twice before, but it hurt too much for her to keep it in there.

    Any ideas????!!
  2. PureInnocence

    PureInnocence Member

    The hole of the vagina does angle backwards, not forwards like you're suggesting, but if she's wet enough, or you've got some lube, you probably shouldn't have any trouble. It should just slide right in, you're dick will know the way. (I've had sex in many different positions, his dick angled at me many different ways, it always finds a way in! lol) I've seen other posts on this sort of thing before. It's possible it's her hymen. I also heard this story once about women who have to tight vagina's and they have to go to the doctor to get it stretched, but I wasn't sure if that was legit.

    See if you can let her try the fingers thing again, I whole heartedly suggest that. Because as a virgin, and seems to be a very tight virgin, it's going to hurt a mother load the first time you get it in there. Usually it's a good idea to stretch it a little. If she's really adament about not doing that, (I hope she's not! you can give some really good pleasure that way: she's laying on her back and you make a gentle "come here" motion with your index finger angled up towards her stomach, feel sooo nice...), or, it just hurts to much, then maybe you should have her see a female gynacologist. (sorry if I spelled that wrong). She may be more open to hearing advice from a professional, and women tend to be more comfortable talking about sex with women.

    Good luck! I hope at least some of this is helpful for you :)
  3. mkc414

    mkc414 Member

    There is a condition where the outer lip (for lack of a better term, i just woke up) is unusually small and can result in painful sex all the time etc. It is similar to uncircumsized men who have an abnormally small opening on the end of their foreskin and the head gets stuck inside. If you are having problems with vaginal sex, you can always switch to anal, you already have the astroglyde.
  4. akhc

    akhc Member

    get her examined by a gynecologist.. sounds like she may have an imperforate hymen.. or some sort of hymenal membrane that's tougher than usual.
  5. ouch
  6. novaboy

    novaboy Member

    She went to the doctor a while ago and she about crawled up the ceiling when the doc. put the thingamajiggy up her. This was before we got married so we didnt know there would be complications. Now she won't go back for anything!! The doc. didn't say anything about it at all. If she's not going back to see whats wrong she sure as hell aint going back to get stretched. Thats my job anyways, LOL.
  7. PureInnocence

    PureInnocence Member

    Oh, thats tough that she freaked out about the exam. I assume it was a pap? Well, she's going to have to get over that fear! It's not completely nessesary, like all modern things, but boy are they useful! Keeping track of your vaginal health is sooo important. Cervical cancer, yeast infections, and apparently hymens getting in the way... there are a multitude of reasons to get checked up. You're supposed to go once a year. She's probably going to have to suck it up and go. Maybe she'd feel more comfortable with a female doctor? I remember my first pap, boy was that uncomfortable! But she shouldn't worry, we all go through it to keep ourselves healthy and safe.

    I think you're options are truely limited on this one. She needs to find out the medical reason why. We can sit here and blather on about our theories, but we can't know. Obviously something important is going on that you two don't know how to deal with, and you need to get informed and get advice to make a proper decision. If you've been trying for so long, and it still isn't happening, you need to see a doctor. It took me a month before I started enjoying sex, because it was tight and it hurt. It just took time to get used to it. He would put it in and I would go ACK, take it out!! and we would sort of rinse and repeat. :) But it sounds like you guys can't even get it in.

    I think the doctor is the only way! Or abstain?

    I hope this gets worked out for the two of you! Sex is such a wonderful thing.
  8. novaboy

    novaboy Member

    Thats my thoughts exactly, but how do I get her to go without pissing her off and completely shutting me out about it??
  9. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    maybe she would be more willing to go if you went in with her and held her hand for support.
  10. sweet_mama

    sweet_mama Member

    Maybe you could explain to her that you are worried about it and you would really feel better if she went to the doctor and got checked out, or maybe just went in for a consultation to see if the doctor might know what's wrong. Your wife really needs to get over these fears of her's. Not to sound rude, but it's not like you've only been married for a few months, I mean you're coming up on 2 years in the near future! It's time to get that sex kickin'! :) Does she drink? Maybe you could loosen her up with a little wine and romance one evening and get her to let you try some new things. She has to be willing to try some stuff or else you two are going to be stuck on 3rd base for the rest of your married life. Just tell her that you are concerned about her and you really want her to talk to a doctor. I hope that works for you.
  11. PureInnocence

    PureInnocence Member

    I agree with the sweet and earthy mama's :) Tell her your concerned. That you did a little reasearch on it and found out that it could be her hymen in the way or that she has a medical condition of the vaginal cavity that needs medical attention. Tell her you don't know of any other way. I hope it works for you!
  12. xthevalkyriex

    xthevalkyriex Member

    Honestly, the way you described it, it sounds more like a psychological problem than anything else. "She's a little sheepish about just spreadin em wide and letting me lube up and stick it in her. It has to be us kissing and holding eachother while we're trying" Sounds like she's not comfortable with her genitalia. Is she extremely religious?
  13. novaboy

    novaboy Member

    We are both Christians. But I mean when we get hot and heavy we start talkin dirty and thats fun. It has nothing to do with our religion, really. She doesn't see it as "wrong".

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