Does Anyone Else Use Freebase Cocaine For Anxiety?

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by natural philosophy, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. natural philosophy

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    I have had panic attacks since I was a teenager and I've always used the traditional methods to treat it. I've used various things that doctors have prescribed, including xanax and weed i've gotten from friends, but none of that really did the trick.

    I have a friend that suggested i freebase cocaine to help with my anxiety and surprisingly it worked. I've also tried just regular crack which didn't work as well.
    It's like i don't have to live with anxiety anymore. i go to work with no problems and deal with customers with a smile on my face. i got a promotion recently in a job i've had for seven years. Two months after i switched it up from weed and xanax and i'm making more money, successfull, and i think my acne is better than it was.

    What do you think?
  2. Irminsul

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    Need some before and after photos buddy.
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  3. Gongshaman

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  4. inthelibrary

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    Your doing it wrong. Drink cough syrup
  5. Terrapin2190

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    Sometimes you just gotta fight fire with fire I guess?

    But don't take my word for it. Read it in a book some time! --Levar Burton, Reading Rainbow

    That's right. I said it.
  6. Orison

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    freebasing and crack are the same things, but not the same.. one is made with ammonia and or ether the other with baking soda.. while not all cocaine is the same grade and or of cooking coke quality .. ya might get a batch of snow put it a glass with baking soda and do the work to make it crack and it just might not form a rock proper. might come back gummy and take hours to actually dry .. had prep known this before hand cleaned it up with ether or ammonia and then cooked it with the baking soda. might have some decent melt or butter whatever the slang is. again this all depends on the quality of cocaine to start .. you would need to be a chemist to know whats exactly in the cocaine you just got, so its kinda a crap shoot on the street when getting t's or halfys to rock up in the kitchen..

    placing the cocaine in ammonia, or ether getting rock back and smoking in straight shooter (crack pipe) will not work .. it will just melt away without very much smoke at all.. you could burn it all night this way, it will not get you high.. only when its connected to the hci with it actually burn. unless you have a torch lighter, and bubble pipe you can not get enough heat to the device to create vaporization.. much more work than all is necessary to smoke cocaine. Its easier to make crack and recook it til its melt, place in straight shooter and blast off.

    cocaine high is much like sexual orgasm, so its all possible it can cease anxiety a bit. Its cheaper and safer just to masturbate..
  7. newbie-one

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    And you say God damn

    This is the dope jam
  8. Bud D

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    Crack and cocaine are very addictive and addiction doesn't at all help anxiety or depression.

    Shitty coke really doesn't help.
  9. rollingalong

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    crack is a wonderful way to get your fat girlfriend to slim down
  10. Bud D

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    I dunno, I've seen a very obese crack head female once. I think the diet only works if you smoke a lot of crack and don't eat, or are always walking around looking for crack and not eating.
  11. rollingalong

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    ive known a few obese girls on the pipe my defense none of them were my girlfriend

    crack and regular ol lines are also a great way to attract coke sluts

    i miss coke sluts
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  12. Orison

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    we lol at this one fat crackhead chick in the hood.. teh dealers house is only 1/2 a block away, she drives her van there. oh shes going to get some crack, and stops right outside. sometimes putting the van in reveres and going back to where she started..
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  13. Orison

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  14. sickgirl

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    To be honest with you, no true friend would suggest that you start freebasing cocaine! It's insanely addictive and I'm sure you spend a lot of money on it. I thought your post was a sick joke or something! I have a lot of experience with coke, and definitely understand the appeal. I'm not trying to judge you. I would go to a good psychiatrist and see what he/she says regarding your anxiety.
  15. rollingalong

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    everyone knows meth is way better for anxiety anyway

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