Does anyone else see the rave movement resembling the hippie movement?

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by charliec, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. charliec

    charliec Member

    Im not one of those glowstick twirling candy ravers, but I do listen to techno and trance and have been to my fair share of raves...I have noticed that most of the kids that go to raves are there for a cause. the last rave I went to was Ultra Music Festival in downtown miami, there were 50,000 people there and it seemed like everyone was against operation iraqi freedom and a lot of the djs and artists also commented on the war as total bullshit. at this event a hell of a lot of people were doing marijuana and with all those 50,000 people in the park there was not one fight! that's more than you can say about woodstock 99? the big thing mtv threw that they had to shut down because everybody started fighting... what do you guys think? I see ravers as the hippies of the new generation...
  2. spacecadet

    spacecadet Guest

    I was introduced to acid through the rave scene. In Britain at least the rave scene adopted a lot from the hippy scene although the music wasn't rock. Goa Trance raves are the closest you'll get to a techno hippe movement IMO.
  3. dhARmaMiLlO

    dhARmaMiLlO Member

    I occasionaly drop into some Psychedelic Trance parties here in the UK. The scene is crawling with hippies!!

  4. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    Yea there is 2 london based raves i frequent that are trance and they are totally full of hippies, and open minded people. I fee la lot of the mainstream "raves" and clubs arent there for a meaning but there is certainly the underground genre of raves which have a purpus and are full of people who care to keep that purpous alive.
  5. God

    God Member

    Ecstasy seems to have replaced acid, and although I've never tried it, I hear a lot of good things about it. Are there still raves in america? especially after our fascist government started cracking down on them?
  6. zerre

    zerre Member

    I can't say anything about all the rave movement but goa scene is surely resembling the hippie movement. In fact goa was born among hippies and was created by some hippies who went to India in the begining of the 70's. Maybe you've heard of Goa Gil. He is in his late 50's I think. He spent most of the 70s with Sadu's in India. After a long time in the mountains he gained an official Sadu certificate from the Hindu government. And the following years he tried to find ways to gather and share his experiance with the new generation. In the late 80's when electronic music gained popularity, with some other "freaks" they tried to create a new music style. He explains this as "redifining the anchient tribal ritual for the 21th century" . If you listened Goa when you are high on LSD you know what I mean. At first they failed to get music industries attention but the community started growing in the 90s and sad but goa is leaving its place to psytrance now. These 2 genres sound like eachother but the philosophy is different. Goa is closely related to LSD and mystical experiences and is a true post hippie music. If you check the lyrics you'll see what I mean.
    Goa rhytms are over 140 bpm (beat per minute). And this is a hypnotic speed. And genres name "trance" comes from here. Rhytms between 128-150BPM creates a state of trance when listened for a while. I'd like to point out that this is the usual BPM that shamans and medicineman use to enter trance. Add a little acid .. our the soup ready. Philosophy of goa and hippie movement is exactly the same and worth giving a try.

    Live and let live ...

    But I can't say that "peace love and happiness" is valid in all the rave movement.

    And yes dhARmaMiLIO Shpongle is great ...
  7. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    I suggest talking to Serra. She seems to be the forums local rave goddess :p
    It seems to me the assosiation you guys are making is "Hippies take LSD, Ravers drop E." Don't you guys think that theres more to a movement or scene than drugs? I mean dont get me wrong, drugs are fabulous, but theres more to it isnt there? I think both share uncanny simmilarites. For example: Both are shunned by the media. Both had their mainstream surges making several meaningful things become cliche droll (Like the peace sign.) Both have high recognition with drug culture. Both have crazy radicals and annoying fakes and flakes. I think the main difference is that rave isn't exactly fighting for something... Or as far as I can tell.
  8. floopadelic

    floopadelic Member

    From what I remember about the early days of 'rave' (acid house it was then) it was totally about hedonism and 'getting off your tits'. The only ethos was to have a good time, and do it again soon. Rave was much more like punk in that respect. Ecstasy was absolutely central to the experience, it was new in those days and the pills were top notch - legally manufactured in the US before the ban, and pretty expensive too.

    The peeps at those early raves were usually soul / clubbing fans used to lager and speed, not a hippy in sight as I recall.

    This changed in the 90s when house became mainstream and what the guys said about Goa trance is true, it's much more popular with old & young hippies than the more soul influenced housey stuff ever was.

    But these days house, rave, whatever you call it is just another option on the entertainment menu. It stopped being anything remarkable about 1991. It came, it went, life goes on.
  9. zerre

    zerre Member

  10. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Zerre I totally understand where your coming from. If I came across as "These substances ruined the scenes" then I appologize. These were vital tools in the shaping of the cultures, of that there is no doubt. What I'm trying to get at is that sometimes people tend to focus souly on these factors. You know... Raving is about taking MDMA and being a hippie is about dropping acid. Those can be parts of it for a person (and are for most people) but not the mandatem as some would like to lay claim to. I dont know if I'm making a bit of scence but all my point is, is that its more then drugs. Drugs are big parts but theres other big stuff in there as well.
  11. Dilapidated

    Dilapidated Member

    Yay! I'm glad someone else thinks that, the thought that they're similar has kind of crossed my mind before, what with the loving atmosphere of the whole scene and peace love unity and respect... hmm... and it's deeply rooted in music too...
  12. meth destroyed the rave scene where i live a few years sad cause it used to be so awesome, everyone was freinds, even if they'v never the scene is completely different and full of negetivity.
  13. Alexandria

    Alexandria Member

    Hey, I am from Ft Lauderdale...I was at Ultra back in time! I dont think though that woodstock '99 was in any way shape or form comparable to the origional woodstock that was about the movement and peace and love and music. No way, not when you have limp biscuit (cant stand him!) thrashing around on stage screaming that he wants to "break shit!". By 1999, the festival was about commercial music and about selling tickets and everything else at high prices. I dont even know why they still call it 'woodstock'. So in that sense, I dont see any sort of 'genre' representing a new movement. All those people that you saw at Ultra that were about having a good time and not "stepping on anyone else's toes" and those that were anti-war....those were hippies. Mabye they all didnt wear tye dye and have dreads but that isnt what the hippie movement is about. As long as there is an anti war, pro love, pro tolerance sort of people....the hippie movement is still alive and well.....whether they are wearing birks or candy necklaces :) IMO
  14. charliec

    charliec Member

    wow im surprised I got such feed back. I didn't think I would get this many replies. well I guess a few of you guys are right, for some people it isn't about the music and the culture that is peaceful, and for some it is. let me just say though, it really pisses me off to hear when someone goes to a rave they go solely for the drugs... I can't stand it when I ask people (and my cousin being one them) "who did you come to see at this event?" and they can't name one act and then tell me they came for the goddamn drugs. that really pisses me off because it's these same people who represent the scene but they attend the scene for negative reasons. then you have news programs like 20/20 sneaking in hidden cameras in and undercover cops busting kids that are doing drugs and thats what america sees, thats what the world sees. 16 year olds with pupils the size of fucking quarters. So then there are the Politicians who say this needs to be stopped because these raves are drug parties and they have to be banned. and then that kind of screws it up for the people who are going there for the music. its a goddamn shame that a few bad apples have to ruin an entire culture. and im not saying not to do drugs either, im only saying to do them responsibly and be a little discreet. I guess the scene does have its hippies but let me tell you that the rave scene has a hell of a lot more junkies than anything else and in the next couple of years i think Americas ATTEMPT to have a rave scene will be buried.
  15. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    I hear you man... A while back a lot of blow was going through our punk scene so they tried banning that and so instead of having punk shows we had "Mainstream Alternative Cultured Listening" They eventually just gave up and the blow dyed out... Its fucked up... A lot junkies are homeless people too... so... AREST THE HOMELESS!
  16. MichaelByrd1967

    MichaelByrd1967 Garcia Wannabe

    I can't understand techno and trance music. Maybe if they had a rock rave or something, but not any of that fighting stuff. I mean just some peaceful music, maybe there would be more people into it.
  17. Kosmic_Klown

    Kosmic_Klown Member

    When is the last the "rave movement" had a learn-in, protest, sit-in, or any of the other ins. Never that's when. True people who attend raves may also go to these functions but to compare this movement to the hippie movement almost seems like blasphamy. A rave is a type of party not a movement just you do acid at it doesn't make it any more than what it is. That's like saying there is a kegger movement somewhere.
  18. there was alot more to the hippy movement than protesting
  19. Micro

    Micro Member

    Reminds me more of the disco movement (dancing, drugs, light and beat).
  20. Republican

    Republican Banned

    drugs ruined the hippie movement too... but it was a bad movement to begin with.. but i do respect the hippie's demanding of peace.. if everyone was like this than it would work but no one else is.. Islomo-facists (terrorists) only want to kill... so much so that they have posibly ruined a good religion with their lies and evilness.. the reve scean was never for me because it was way too drug influenced...

    the rave scean was like it but with no real cause.. i do see a resemblence tho..

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