Does anyone else not vote anymore?

Discussion in 'U.K. Politics' started by boubindica, Aug 25, 2021.

  1. boubindica

    boubindica Banned

    Seems pointless as IMO they’re all controlled by unelected puppetmasters. Anyone else feel the same way and chosen to not vote anymore?
  2. marcco

    marcco Senior Member

    im 50 and never voted ,or even registerd to vote ,thou i the uk it said that no vote goes to current party in power ,not sure iff there is any truth in that
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  3. Captain Scarlet

    Captain Scarlet Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    I havnt voted in the last election nor the local elections .

    All the UK parties have their faults and they all just like placing their snouts into the trough.

    Many are also hypocrites . The Pandemic policies have highlighted that .
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  4. marcco

    marcco Senior Member

    the party that caught my eye at the last election ,was a speach that i heard on the radio ,by the leader of the green party ,,,LUCKY BRIGHTON ,,,
  5. boubindica

    boubindica Banned

    Thankfully that’s not true for the uk. It just goes down as a non-vote. Like you, I’m now refusing to even register. :sunglasses:
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  6. boubindica

    boubindica Banned

    Whilst they start out with good intentions, they eventually get co-opted, if not co-opted already, and then rapidly steered in a bad direction. The puppetmasters use all sorts of tactics to bring everything under their control. Blackmail, financial problems and threats. They also use media to promote lies. What we need is a new system entirely where the billionaire elites simply don’t have access to the structures enough to sway anything for their benefit alone.

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