does any1 from the east need a ride to the Roo???

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by KaleidascopEyes, May 20, 2004.

  1. KaleidascopEyes

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    My car- buddy bailed on me with less than a month to go! does anyone need a ride to tn?? i'm leaving from south jersey the 9th. I REALLY don't want to drive the whole way by myself !! I have a car and all that jazz, i just need some company :0)
  2. dose4me

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    ~~I might be iterested in grabbing a spot,
    How far way are you from NYC??~~
    ~`thanks ~~
    ".......nothing left to do but smile, smlile,smile......"

  3. Starr

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    Sorry to hear about your car...if anyone needs a ride from Alabama PM me and Ill be happy to help out. Im going by myself, and its not that long of a drive or anything, but company is always appreciated. Too bad Im not in Jersey anymore, cause I used to live there.

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