Do you think weed is addictive?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Frostmourne, May 20, 2007.

  1. slinkie

    slinkie Member

    Addictions = Mental/physical crutches.
    If there is something missing in your life, there is a good chance you will be replacing it with some form of addicting behaviour. Be it something to eat, drink or smoke.

    Have a fulfilling life and you can do/use anything without overdoing it.

    Either that, or just be responsible enough to know your limits and do IT, not let IT, do you.

    yeah, yeah, yeah...fuck off dr phil. lol
  2. AncientHippie

    AncientHippie Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    According to a report issued by
    the National Academy of Sciences (ISBN 0-309-07155-0)
    Drug Category Proportion Of Users That Ever Became Dependent
    Tobacco 32%
    Alcohol 15%
    Marijuana (including hashish) 9%
    Cocaine 17%
    Heroin 23%
  3. broony

    broony Banned

    Its addictive thats for damn sure. I wish i would smoke less but its hard.
  4. The_Walrus

    The_Walrus Sgt. Pepper

    No... I don't think so. I can see one craving it and the experience, but I don't really think it's physically addictive.
  5. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    addiction IS a hit and miss thing, some people arer more susceptable to forming habits around certain things than others. some people are more susceptable to sugar addiction, some to alcohol, some to marijuana.

    just because there is no physical withdrawal doesnt mean that something isnt addictive. i dont think anyone gets a nicotine withdrawal other than thinking about a cigarette - until maybe theyre a pack a day smoker and start shakin and shit without a ciggie.
    and as for chocolate, people form habits based on the taste and smell of chocolate. people form habits around weed based on a change in consciousness, an overall alteration in arousal in the brain and stress perception, etc. the drugs go straight into the brain and alter functioning, forming a widely based craving for being stoned, which doesnt come from a rush from the drug, like typical addictive drugs, but from a general feeling of wellbeing which the mind seeks to exist in daily.

    dont joke yourself into thinking it isnt habit-forming. just because you CAN go without, doesnt mean you WILL. most smokers talk about how they stopped cold and didnt ave much of a problem. this tends to coincide with running out of pot, not just putting the pipe down dispite an eighth of sweet buds in their stash.

    of course people can smoke and not have issues stopping. but is this the case for many, if not most daily smokers? i dont think so.

  6. I agree with you that smoking pot daily is not healthy because smoking anything is not healthy. Is it however worse for you then drinking coffee, Dr. Pepper, or alcohol, or eating chocolate daily? That would all depend on how much of the others you consume. If a person is drinking a lot of caffeine daily (read a ridiculous amount of coffee, each and every day) that seems that it would be equally as bad, if not worse compared to smoking pot.

    You say daily cannabis use is automatically cannabis abuse. Sure, many people may start smoking occasionally and soon find themselves lighting up more regularly. In itself smoking regularly is not abuse. For a person to be abusing cannabis, he or she has to be smoking it for the wrong reasons. Smoking pot for the wrong reasons include “because it’s cool,” “as an escape from life and problems,” etc.

    You could get high and sit in front of a television or you could do something else. It all depends on why you smoke and what you do after smoking. Many people who smoke cannabis may not be productive. However many other daily smokers still are able to live productive lives. Some people are able to be productive in daily life because they are able to balance their cannabis use with their responsibilities.

    A person who still manages his or her obligations is not really suffering from his or her cannabis use, unless of course we are talking about any physical side effects of the smoking.

    Do you know why probably more people smoke cannabis daily compared to the people who drink alcohol daily, being alcoholics? It’s easier to be high and functional as opposed to drunk and functional. Smoking cannabis does not produce a terrible hangover as opposed to drinking alcohol. From what I heard from other people, going to work with a hangover sucks.

    How often have you heard of an abusive drunk? While abusive drunks are common, people generally associate pot with mellowness. That being said, different people will react differently to different substances.

    Some people in this world have a doctor’s prescription to use cannabis medicinally. People generally need their medication to help them make through their illnesses. If some of these people have found that cannabis is the only thing that helps them; that it makes their symptoms manageable, I don’t think they abuse cannabis if they use it daily. In looking at medicinal marijuana, one has to look at what is better, the negative symptoms that cannabis is prescribed for, or negativity associated with smoking. Generally the benefits seem to outweigh the negative side effects. Think of how many terrible side effects many legal medications have.

    You think our government keeps pot illegal because it is unhealthy, and also a high potential for psychological abuse. May I ask then why cigarettes and alcohol are perfectly legal? The two together kill many people each year. In itself, the active ingredient in cannabis, Tetrahydrocannabinol is non toxic.

    Isn’t it funny that many people who want cannabis to remain illegal make money from selling and making alcohol? If you think our government cares about our health, why are we than not thrown in jail for eating at McDonalds? Most of us know that fast food generally is very unhealthy.

    Another reason I know our health is not a priority is the fact that some politicians votes are bought in the interest of the big pharmaceutical companies which produce products which have the potential to have lethal side effects.

    In the 1930’s a congressman by the name of Harry Anslinger was appointed as the first commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. At the end of the era of Prohibition he was a man about to be unemployed. Only at that point did he become interested in marijuana. Having connections with William Randolph Hearst, a man who owned many newspapers, he was able to push an image that linked marijuana with insanity and crime.

    Up until that time period, cannabis use was associated with people who were in lower economic classes. The majority of cannabis consumers were Mexican and African American. Are you surprised that the silent majority did not protest minorities being thrown in jail for breaking a law which seemed to only affect them?

    It’s not hard to appeal to a person if you appeal to his or hers pre-existing bias.

    Marijuana became illegal in the United States in 1937 with the passage of the “Marihuana Tax Act.” Even Anslinger himself knew that he had no real evidence to use against marijuana. He knew that if he claimed too much people would get suspicious of his motifs. Being unable to provide proof for the dangers of marijuana, Anslinger was able to pass the Marihuana Tax Act by closing a tax loophole. Rather then making marijuana illegal the law worked like this: it was a crime to possess marijuana without a marijuana stamp. The catch to this was that one could not obtain a marijuana stamp without actually possessing the marijuana, which was illegal in the first place. If one were able to find a way around this, it is assumed that one would have to have money, and probably a lot more then most people at the time had.

    In 1951 Anslinger admitted that he had no real evidence for what he claimed in the 1930’s during his lead on the Marihuana Tax Act. Something that came along the days of the scare tactics of “Reefer Madness” still live on to this day, as it is still illegal and heavily punishable. Something about propaganda creates a public fear by pairing marijuana off with violence, sex and promiscuity. The 1930’s left a legacy of cult propaganda films including, “Marihuana,” released in 1935; which had the tagline “Weird orgies! Wild parties! Unleashed passions!” The most famous and widely distributed anti marijuana cult film was “Tell Your Children” (also entitled “Reefer Madness,” “The Burning Question,” “The Dope Addict,” “Doped Youth,” and “Love Madness”) which was released in 1936 and directed by Louis J. Gasnier. The film showed all the lives of the characters involved getting shattered with a main character ending up in an insane asylum for life. Both these images are kinda hard to shake, because people will always remember the worst and first impression.

    In order to strengthen your point of view, you need to have supports showing why the conclusions you have drawn make sense. Without factual evidence, you have a conclusion; however it doesn’t have a foundation.

    To the actual topic of this thread ;) , people are creatures of habit. It's better to fall into certain habits compared to other habits. As long as a habit does not interfer with the rest of a person's life, one seems to be functional enough to get by.
  7. Biida

    Biida Member

    I feel really sick this morning and that made me smile. :3

    I'd say pot's psychologically addictive. I tend to crave being high when I don't have it, but then a bag always somehow falls into my lap.
  8. AncientHippie

    AncientHippie Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I'm glad that helped make the day brighter.
    Also, I hope you feel better real soon.
  9. Avocado Noni

    Avocado Noni Member

  10. GanjaGirl420

    GanjaGirl420 Member

    I don't think it is addictive at all, i've been smoking everyday for a while now, and i can live without it fine, i just really love smoking weed so i dont stop.
  11. Yes weed is addictive. I cant even really go a day without it. If i dont get it for a day im just a bitch to everybody and it sucks because then my parents think im smoking again so its kindof like im bipolar ill be happy one minute then someone will annoy me and ill want to smoke but i cant so then i just get really mean.
  12. rofl at all of you " I smoke everyday but I am not addicted" denial is such a bitch...
  13. Jimmy420

    Jimmy420 Member

    I just love it im not addictid.
  14. dodgeskitz

    dodgeskitz Member

    I have got or been high every night befor i sleep for the last year and a half, i tryed to quit for a week the first night i didnt sleep stayed up all night, next night i took was 4 sleeping pills passed out in like my hallway to my room till the next morning. By the end of the week i could sleep properly untill i hit the mary jane agein which was a very nice toke cuz from smokeing every day to just stoping lowing ya tolerance heaps.
  15. mortes

    mortes Senior Member

    Personally if you can't give it up I view you as a weak person. If you can't eliminate one thing from your life and mentally handle the change then you shouldn't do a lot of things. I quit cigs cold turkey and I'll tell you personally, weed "addiction" is nothing at all. There's not even a fucking comparison. I think about cigs as soon as I wake up, the second I stop skateboarding, the second after a meal, and any second in between where I'm not mentally focused. I stopped smoking weed a couple days ago and have thought about it about smoking twice and both times I had no drive, I just thought about the act of it. There is no weed addiction, but with cigarettes there is always the thought in my head saying "damn a cigarrette would be fucking amazing right now" and "man if I wish someone would come hang out that had cigs." These thoughts are sick to me. They alter the way I would normally think without me controlling it.

    With that said I can see how someone could have a slight inclination to weed. No addiction that's a lame word for wanting something immensely. Everyone can function without weed, there are no withdrawals, its just the fact of bliss and euphoria that attracts smoking constantly. I compare weed addiction to the nerds that play WoW 24/7. (oh and for the record I quit various mmorpgs cold turkey as well) Addiction starts and ends with self. Your mind plays tricks on itself and you can only win by doing what you may not want immediately, but what you ultimately want. What I mean is that when the thought "man a cigarrette wouldn't be so bad" swims up, you have to say "no." There's no point to giving in, its all willpower, so use it peeps.
  16. JibberJabber

    JibberJabber Member

    Psychological addiction is a PC nonsense term used to make bad decisions seem like they're not someone's personal responsibility. If it's not physically addictive, it's not addictive. Marijuana is not physically addictive; coffee is more addictive than weed. Therefore, the answer to the OP is no.
  17. I don't think cannabis itself is addictive. I think getting fucked up is addictive, and cannabis is just the most fun. I havn't smoked weed in a while but I'm always trying to get fucked up some how ... some way.
  18. bullshit.
  19. Faye

    Faye Member

    I don't think it is addictive at all, i've been smoking everyday for a while now, and i can live without it fine, i just really love smoking weed so i dont stop.
    Ganjagirl, if it where that simple do u think that u and other would smoke everyday? I smoke weed very very rarely. Part of that is bc I am addicted to cigs and I have that for its own kinda fix. Although pot would be better bc its natural and cigs and herion are just as addicting.

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