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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by mer0806, May 27, 2020.

  1. mer0806

    mer0806 Members

    ….that first kiss? How old were you? Just lips or wet tongue too?
  2. mer0806

    mer0806 Members

    I was 17, she was 12...just a girl in the neighborhood that I liked, she came down my road and we had old chicken houses in the back yard....we walked back there talking, and I just leaned down and kissed her on the lips. She was surprised and only said to me....'what, are you hard up?'....I was so shy....and naïve....
  3. starfield03

    starfield03 Members

    Yup, mine was in middle school. We were the same age. It was just lips. First time with the tongue was in the car in highschool.
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  4. iamjustme

    iamjustme Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I think I was 13, she was 12.
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  5. LittleFritter

    LittleFritter Members

    I was 13 and she was 4 months older. It wasn't about romance, we were just practicing.
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  6. olderndirt

    olderndirt Members

    We were 15. She was experienced and wrote in her diary that I was a terrible kisser. No tongue the first time. She taught me all that I know.
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  7. lapush

    lapush Members

    I remember the winters in Wyoming. I would go to school and my feet were cold.
    My female friend always sat across the table from me. She would help my foot be on her lap and take my shoe/socks off.
    She would put my toe in her pussy to warm my foot and she always wore a dress. I would get a wet toe when class ended.
    Away from school she was not interested. I wanted her so bad and my balls ached when she did that.
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  8. Joboo6

    Joboo6 Members

    New Year’s Eve party and I wasn’t supposed to to be there. She was 14 and I was 12, she was the prettiest girl in the neighborhood. My friends were very impressed, she just walked up to me and started kissing me.
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