Do you remember The Diggers?

Discussion in 'Ask The Old Hippies' started by Red Fox VII, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Red Fox VII

    Red Fox VII Member

    All I know about them is what I've read about them on the internet.

    They seemed like genuinely well intentioned folks though, putting a lot of thought and effort into actually making things easier on the local poor and homeless, making available free clothes, food, etc., and spreading awareness of everything they considered relevant at the time.

    I'm wondering if anyone here WAS a Digger, or knew someone who was a part of the group?

    I understand that as a group they condoned heroin usage, which I've avoided so far myself, and I'm curious as to how that fit into their lives.
  2. popLrchik

    popLrchik Guest

    I believe actor Peter Coyote was one of the founders or early members of the SF Diggers. Read his autobiography "Sleeping Where I Fall" for details. It's a great book.

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