do you know of any good holidays in australia that cost around $1000?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by SpiralOut, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. SpiralOut

    SpiralOut Member

    if so, then please give me the details.
  2. You really have to be more specific buddy.

    $1000 could get you around the entire nation if you hitchhike, sleep out and live off of canned food or supermarket refuse.

    If I wanted a comfortable holiday, personally I would go to Tasmania in the Summer or North Queensland in the winter because both areas are so incredibly beautiful and you'll never get bored even if you don't spend a lot of money.
  3. guy

    guy Senior Member

    i don't think you'd be allowed in if you only had a 1000 bucks.

    on the other hand you could apply for a working visa that lasts a year and can be extended for a further year i believe. there's heaps of jobs here at the moment that no one wants to do, so come on over. fruit picking etc. you could work and live in the city but with a 1000 bucks you'd be cutting it fine?
    so apply for working visa - your local australian embassy/ website could get you started
    initially i suppose, arrive in sydney in summer, book into some backpacker places in the eastern suburbs? join a job agency, maybe apply in advance so you can walk straight into a job.
    save some money don't piss it all away on booze down the pub.
    when winter hits sydney head north, it will be warm enough to camp in winter up north.
    some back packer places up north arrange agricultural jobs so you have everything sorted out when you get there.
    where you go, what you do is left to your imagination
  4. SpiralOut

    SpiralOut Member

    lying in the field

    okay, i'll try and be more specific...

    transport - preferably a two-way aeroplane ticket
    destination - beautiful, affordable, and not a city
    duration - at least 5 days (preferably 2 weeks+)
    accommodation - preferably something nice that's included in the package
    action - doesn't include me moving around a lot

    tasmania sounds like a good choice. wouldn't it be too expensive though?


    i'm already in australia bloke. :p
  5. guy

    guy Senior Member

    great barrier reef trips??
  6. Nah, the place is full of poor hippies and loggers and its nowhere near as expensive as nsw. Its beautiful and you'll probably meet lots of natural types or people with the same views.

    I saw John Birmingham on channel 2 touring around tassie to write his "dopeland" book and his exact words were "this is just such a cool place"
  7. You dont stateanywhere your Gender M or F (or other?).....
  8. Spiral is a guy man.

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