do you etch glass?

Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by cerridwen, Mar 12, 2008.

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    I picked up a glass etching kit to decorate a few wine glasses for last Christmas's dinner table, which were a *huge* hit! It was just a weird crafty idea that I initially just wanted to do for kicks, but it was such a huge success that I'm now finding myself etching glasses like crazy for birthday gifts.

    Anyone else dabbing in a little etchery?
  2. HoneySuckleBlue

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    Yeah man, that's fun!

    I got into making those etched wine bottle incense burners, where you drill a hole at the bottom for air and then use a keyring to hold the stick inverted in the bottle. Looks really cool smoking.

    Also made some wine bottle oil lamps and etched little suns and light houses for my peeps and got some ceramic stoppers with wicks. They do make great gifts:) and I still use mine.
  3. Ms.Oh!

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    i dont etch glass, i etch ivory! i learned how to scrimshaw when i was little and im very good at it =]

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