Do you change your look at all for fall/winter?

Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by Deidre, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Deidre

    Deidre Visitor

    Even though i live in a hot climate where the seasons don't actually change the weather much, I like to change my look when autumn comes around. I don't wear much make up, but I like a smoky eye look for the fall, and super dark nail a purple/black or deep crimson.

    I tend to wear more black/grey clothes, wish I could wear tights, but it's just too hot out for that, now.

    This is the color I'm wearing today, did my nails last night...but it's not OPI.


    Just curious if you all change your look with the seasons? :)
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  2. Meliai

    Meliai Senior Member

    ^I like that nail color

    Sometimes I'll dye my hair a darker shade of brown for fall and I prefer darker colors too
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  3. Deidre

    Deidre Visitor

    Yes, my hair is a medium brown, and I'll take it down a shade too, sometimes. I can't change it much during the summer though, because it would look fake I think, if I added highlights, since my hair and eyebrows are darker. It's a fun time of year though, I think...especially the holidays, where the colors are all dark greens and crimsons. Idk if it's hot down here, I'll wear boots sometimes with skirts. lol
  4. I change my hair colour with seasons. Usually go darker in the winter and fall.
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  5. Meliai

    Meliai Senior Member

    I wear boots with cute knee or thigh high socks and shorts or a skirt on warm fall days lol

    I would love to live in a cold climate where I could go all out with coats and gloves, scarves and hats.
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  6. Deidre

    Deidre Visitor

    It's fun to play with colors, I wish my eye brows weren't so dark, because I could play with more colors without it looking fake.

    That's a great look, I like thigh high socks for working out too. (I don't wear those to the gym, lol but, in the house, if I want to work out with weights at home)

    Yea, living in a cold climate would be great (NYC for example), but some of my friends who live up north say the winters last way too long, so there's that.
  7. YouFreeMe

    YouFreeMe HipForums Supporter

    Mustard yellow eerything.
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  8. Deidre

    Deidre Visitor

    Took a day off today from work and went make up shopping...I just looove Urban Decay, bought a really pretty pale beige eye shadow and tinted moisturizer. If you've never tried Urban Decay, you must...they have a lot of fun products to experiment with. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. :)
  9. Noserider

    Noserider Goofy-Footed Member

    When I lived in New England I did out of practicality--chapstick over lipstick, simple hairstyles over anything elaborate that will be covered and ruined by a winter hat, and, obviously, no dresses/skirts. I had "summer clothes" and "winter clothes."

    Now? No. I have work style and going out style and not-leaving-the-house style, but no summer or winter style.
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  10. Meliai

    Meliai Senior Member

    This thread has got me craving a change to my hair

    I've been growing it out this year because of the weddings i've been in, long hair is easier to style for events like that
    But also long hair is a pain in the ass

    I kinda want to take it short, like below my chin but above my shoulders. And take it a shade darker but with some caramel balayage
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  11. Deidre

    Deidre Visitor

    That's cool.

    Do you change anything up for holiday parties and such?

    Dooooo ittttt :D

    It will always grow back if you hate it. I have gone shorter before, but always come back to keeping it longer. Not too long, but I like the versatility of longer hair for workouts (pony tail, braids, etc), or if I don't want to do anything, a messy bun is always easy.
  12. Noserider

    Noserider Goofy-Footed Member

    I had a bob once and I'm flirting with going back to it. Because, yes, long hair is a pain. But, on the plus side, I have more styling options. So I'm torn.
  13. Noserider

    Noserider Goofy-Footed Member

    Not really. I dress for the situation. For example, a holiday party for work would require the ever popular "little black cocktail dress." But, I'd wear that at a fancy work dinner/party in July too. I don't have any Christmas sweaters or anything like that.
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  14. Deidre

    Deidre Visitor

    Christmas sweaters look hideous on most

    Yea, I hear ya, same for me, too. But, that's where I like playing with make up, nail color and hair shades to give it a twist of something different. Where there are no seasons, I bring the seasons. lol :)
  15. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    Christmas sweaters are great.
  16. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    More flannel and sheepskin boots. =p
    And when I am still cold in the flannel, I put on the flannel hoodie. :D I've really taken to the material. It's comfortable, warm and you just don't have to care. Like if it's dirty it looks good anyway. They're big and long. Only complain is it really sucks in the scent of a fire pit and smoke. But then I like that smell too so it's not too bad. Oh and dog hair sticks to it very much so.
  17. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    It's so warm here that the most change I've been able to make is to wear jeans instead of shorts, and t-shirts instead of tank tops...some days.
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  18. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Today, I got to add a flannel shirt to my ensemble!
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  19. Meliai

    Meliai Senior Member

    I wore a thin sweater, light jacket, and boots today. It was exciting.another 10 degrees and I can add a scarf!
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  20. barefootconservative

    barefootconservative Summertime barefooter

    Oh yeah. Big time. In spring and summer, it's shorts, t-shirts and bare feet. In fall and winter, it's dress shirts, slacks, dress shoes, blazers, trench coats, and hats. Eventually turns to heavy overcoats, dress boots, leather gloves, etc.

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