do u put the vegetative formula in at the same time as the seed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Techniques' started by dirty worms, Jan 20, 2005.

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    I have been using Fox Farm products for a while now (2 years), I am totally happy with thier products. I use Ocean Forest soil, Grow Big for veg and Tiger Bloom for flower. I just follow the instructions on the bottle, sometimes I add a little more, but they work great!!!! I usually start my plants off at 1/2 strength around thier 3rd-4th week of veg, unless they show that they need nutes sooner. I slowly build up to full strength.

    Since I started using thier soil and nutes, my plants have been healthier and grow superb root structures. My buds are potent and taste GREAT!! Better yeilds as well....
  2. tiedye0420

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    yeah cant beat it huh guy
    good to see you doing alright bro.
    kinda stepped it up a bit around here, sleepin on the hideabed in the livingroom though. l.o.l.
    gotta go check my temps ,the sun is on the roof now.
  3. b1v2w3

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    Hey GS,LuMpY,Tiedye et all: I'm growin in dirt indoors first time and have quality soil enhanced with composted cowmanure. Have not added any fertilizer since day one and you've seen my girls progress on the 'shiva...' & 'sugarshack' threads; and in light of the ongoing discussion here, should I begin fertilizing now that I started 12/12? Looking forward to some comments. b1

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