Do girls like it when guys masturbate to them?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by vauba, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. SluttyJess

    SluttyJess Members

    No, it doesn't matter if the guy is hot, it's gross either way
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  2. I love it I encourage guys to cum tribute me sending better pics and one of my bra best friends fucking him to thank him ...he was big came lots
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  3. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    Sorry. That makes no sense. It's complimentary, any way you look at it. I assume you don't like cum facials either.
  4. she's just not down I wonder why she's on this forum it leans to the Slut side of life lol
  5. iamjustme

    iamjustme Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I just did this very thing this morning.
    I woke up before my wife did, had the usual morning woody... plus I was horny anyways for whatever reason.
    Anyway, I rolled towards her and rubbed her back a little... her legs. She smiled, said good morning, but remained in her position facing away from me. That is my cue she doesn't really want to have sex now. So I continued to run her back and legs.... pulled down my underwear and went at it. She turned her head towards mine once to kiss me. But other than was all me. After I finished, she reached over into her table drawer and gave me a wash cloth to clean up.
    It's all good.
  6. SouthernFire

    SouthernFire Members

    Truthfully, it turns me on, more so because they pay for my content lol. Any man that is willing to buy the content I produce on a daily basis, and jerks off with it is a hardcore turn on for me. But when he does it, sends me a picture of him doing it to my content, and tells me just how much he loves seeing me, gets me off quick. Ive always been a kinky type of woman, so of course I gravitated to this line of work for a living. Think of it as a small confession of my inner personality and dirty side. I don't believe its considered objectification, at least not in that sense. Lets face it, men have to cum; men will cum. I just happen to get turned on immensely when he cutms to my photos or videos, or even when I am on live cam.
  7. Angela36

    Angela36 Members

    What's the point of living if you don't enjoy pleasing other people? Maybe you've never tried. The mental rush that comes when you can use your body to bring a guy to orgasm is simply overwhelming. Watching the expressions on his face as his pleasure builds is so gratifying and makes me feel so alive. Realizing that he is completely giving himself to you as his excitement grows in your hand and mouth is itself very sexually stimulating. And feeling his cum splashing on your face or in the back of your mouth as his body melts in euphoria is difficult to describe in words. And if he can masturbate just by looking at you, just wow!
  8. el demente

    el demente Members

    I love the way you think! We need more sexually open minded people in the world!
  9. Guys are guys. People are wired biologically to want sex. Especially guys (some of whom have been unnecessarily screwed by the whole Me Too thing. Kevin Spacey) This would be hot. Carry on, friends. Oh, and I'm a girl. If that is significant. All for it.
  10. BiIrishGuy

    BiIrishGuy Members

    Where do we sign up!!!!
  11. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    I thought even a 14yr old knew about sign language and/or the written
    Having said that, you surely won't be telling and for embarrassing this kid, will ya?
    On the other hand, if he should catch you, with your hand down your panties, he'd probably be telling the world, unless you gave him a good reason not to, if you get my drift.
    Then again, he's just a kid, with hormones that are out of control. A lot like mine, in
  12. vols

    vols Banned

    Do you like guys cuming in your mouth
  13. vols

    vols Banned

    Did you help him out lol
  14. vols

    vols Banned

    The profile pic you had before look like Riley reid
  15. natebeth

    natebeth Members

    I’ll stroke my cock to anything I want!! Thank you for giving me a reason to see if you are worth busting a nut over!
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  16. curiousfellow

    curiousfellow Members

    Why would you post them in the first place then and assuming that you're really being serious here?
  17. bored home

    bored home Members

    Wish I had met you ladies earlier in my life!!!!!!!
  18. megsovereasy

    megsovereasy Members

    it depends. Like on a website like here, I wouldn't be surprised that it happens that guys masturbate to my posts, and I don't mind it, I just don't want strangers telling me they jerk off to me, that feels a little creepy. But I like it when my guy friends tell me they jerk off to me, it's mainly different because I know them and all
  19. sandybrooke

    sandybrooke Members

    There's a few I've stroked to on here and I always let them know. Most find it flattering.
  20. olderndirt

    olderndirt Members

    My wife considers it a compliment, but she doesn't want to see "tribute" pics.

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