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  1. About a week ago, my boyfriend was very ill with a sinus infection. We didn't know it at the time until we later went to A&E, but he was suffering from extreme headaches and sinus pain. The pain became so bad at times that he was throwing up from it. We just predicted it was a serious case of flu, when really it was a mixture of a sinus infection and migraines. He'd wake up in the night saying that he wanted to kill himself the pain was so bad, like there was a pressure in his head that he needed to release.

    My boyfriend has been a migraine sufferer all his life.

    I couldn't stand to hear him moan about his pain for any longer, so out of my own belief and faith in DMT, as a curing substance, I pointed to our bong and suggested that he have a hit. We have good amounts of it to use as we wish, because we had recently made another batch. At first he looked at me as though I was an idiot and said 'no, don't be ridiculous, it'll only make it worse. It'll make me focus more on the pain.' I soon gave in and so it went back to him grasping his head.

    I came back into the room and to my surprised he had hold of the bong. He explained that after some research on the laptop about DMT actually curing headaches, there seemed to be a lot of good feedback from headache sufferers.
    He really did chong on the bong. He went for a good few hits, creaming it up fully every time.
    He gasped hard as soon as he breathed out with fascination. His eyes were huge. I took the bong off him.

    He was gone for about 5 - 8 mins tops. His expression at first was puzzled and he was frowning, but this soon changed into one that was calm and blissful. He was smiling in admiration as he looked around the bedroom.
    When he came back, he said 'It's just too beautiful, you forget. You forget when you're not there.' I knew just what he meant. Human words will never begin to explain the experience unless you are THERE, on the DMT.
    After this he cried. I mean, full on cried. At first I thought he had had a bad experience, but they were tears of joy. I've never seen him cry!
    He said the substance was making him cry. He felt that he had to. The DMT was working it's magic and getting all of the pain out of his body. He sobbed for a good minute or too whilst in adoration of what had just happened to him.

    He described it as this: 'The pain was building up inside my head. It was like a pressure that was bugging me. It was as though I had the headache so that I HAD to have the DMT, so that the DMT itself could show me what I was capable of. It showed me that I was able to heal myself. In my trip, I looked at a centre point of the room which was a clock. A tunnel of motion came from the clock and towards my head. I could feel the pain fade away, as the tunnel of light massaged my mind and cured me of the most terrible headache.'

    So there you go everyone! If you ever find yourself in complete agony from a shitter of a headache then I suggest that you do not fear this substance and use it for medicinal use. You will be surprised. It really did sort my boyfriend out. He was amazed in fact for hours after. He thanked me too, for doubting my suggestion ;)
    I'd love to hear some feedback too on this subject!
    Peace and love, Tess x
  2. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Banned

    It's not a cure. Just a temporary fix.
  3. The definition of cure is in fact this: Relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition.
    His condition was that he was suffering from a severe case of a migraine. So really, it was a cure at that time because it fully relieved him. His headache didn't come back. By saying 'cure' I wasn't stating that it'll get rid of them forever. I was simply saying that it gets rid of a current one.

    P.S your cat scared me.
  4. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Banned

    A cure is to forever relieve the person of that symptom or disease or condition. Not to "temporarily" relieve the person.
  5. SadieScarlett

    SadieScarlett Member

    The first time I tried DMT it cured all my ailments too! It was the day after the day after (if you get me) a party, at which I'd taken speed and MDMA all night, then had the stongest tab of acid I've ever had and a 'valium' (which turned out to be a sleeping pill -.-) in the morning.
    As you can imagine I felt absolutely fatigued, body and mind, when I woke up. I ached all over and could barely move. And of course I took the oppurtunity to try my friend's DMT he'd made (about 35mg of NNDMT I think?).
    Although I didn't get the full trip, something to do with the pipe we were smoking it in, everything in the world stopped for a moment (probably about 10 mins) as it does.
    Afterwards I felt like I had rested for a week and just gotten out of a cold shower. I was completely awake and refreshed and I didn't ache one bit.

    So I get what you mean basically haha.
  6. eggsprog

    eggsprog anti gang marriage HipForums Supporter

    lol, cure. that's like saying codeine cures arthritis.

    instead of DMT, you can just use a decongestant nasal spray that you get for a few dollars at the pharmacy.
  7. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    That's great that DMT helped cure (alleviate) your bf's migraine symptoms. I was perhaps equally amazed that there are women out there that suggest to their bf to smoke DMT when they are ill. :)
  8. Joey Cid

    Joey Cid Member

    ive never experienced this myself but my brother used to have cluster headaches and migraines all the time he tried everything. The doctor couldn't do anything about it and some times just like your bf he would hurt so bad he would throw up. Often they lasted a week or more at a time. He couldn't function so he did a ton of research and he found a home remedy that suggested that you take mushrooms 1-2 times per year. desperately he tried since he had taken mushrooms before he wasn't nervous. This all happened maybe 5 years ago. Hasn't had a crazy migraine since. He talked to his doctor about it and the doctor hadn't heard of this method but he was glad something worked.
  9. eggsprog

    eggsprog anti gang marriage HipForums Supporter

    i watched a documentary on mushrooms one time that showed a guy who used them for cluster headaches. he doesn't even like the mushroom trip... he just does them every 6 months or so (if i'm remembering correctly) to deal with the headaches. pretty interesting.
  10. ChinaCatSunflower02

    ChinaCatSunflower02 Senior Member

    yea i've seen that ^
  11. Guru222

    Guru222 Members

    Replying to an old topic is considered bad form for some reason, but I never understood why so long as the reply contains good information. So the reason the DMT alleviated your boyfriend's apparent migraine is the same reason LSD alleviates migraines and cluster headaches. It's some complicated neurology but this well-documented phenomina has to do with the way tryptamine psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin and DMT (as well as LSA and others,) act on the serotonin system in your brain. And to everyone nitpicking about how this is a treatment and not a cure, you're at least half right, but you're also half wrong as there seems to be an unexplained prophylactic effect as well, meaning they stop these aptly named "suicide headaches" in their tracks and then ALSO prevent them from returning for quite some time.

    Interestingly, Sandoz Labs (the pharmaceutical company that manufactured LSD when it was new and legal,) also created an LSD analogue that does not have any psychoactive effects (it's called 2-bromo-LSD, or simply BOL,) to use as a placebo to test LSD against in clinical trials, and this BOL molecule has the same alleviating and prophylaxis effects on migraines and cluster headaches as LSD, and as you now know, DMT.
  12. ZoeSanderson

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    This story is so nice) I am happy that your boyfriend has found this solution. I also use CBD products to reduce migraine and can say that now I even couldn't predict my life without it. In the beginning I have tried to use CBD oils, candies and etc, but it didn't work, Then I discovered for me a service thereare presented the best AI hemp vendors. I am so lucky that i have found it. There are also a lot of info how to smoke it, I didn't know even it, sorry. Wish you and your boyfriend health and happiness.
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