Discussion in 'Music' started by smokeythebarefoot, May 24, 2004.

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    does anyone here play the djembe? i want to learn. any tips? what size should i get? where to buy?
  2. CalJam

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    I play Djembe and can give you several sites to purchase a good resonable priced drum, please by all means don't go and make the mistake of buying a factory produced Djembe by one of the many drum co. Remo, pearl etc. I feel that it is wise to learn and start on a traditional hand made drum, also I can direct you to a good instructor in your area if you tell me where you are located. Play on Player! Peace In Music.. CalJam.
  3. serra

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    synthetic drum (especailly smaller ones) sound like shite! if you are at all serious about this, get a handmade drum. go to your local folk music store and ask them about people in your area. this will lead you to drum circles and hippies, which are both great things!

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