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  1. tculi

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    it seems to me when a woman and man get divorced the man always has to giver her a bunch of money and she usually gets custody of the child. I mean i dont know much about divorce but it seems unfair to me. my dad had a friend who owned a good small business. he and his wife got a divorce and he had to give a lot of money to her. she then went and bought his business from him and pretty much screwed him over. and paul mc cartney's ex wife right now is trying to take a little parting gift of 100 million dollars!
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    My ex and I divorced seven years ago. He and I agreed on what was best for the kids (for me to stay home as I had been). He gave me enough child support and alimony so I could. He's also increased my child support twice without me asking. Its for the KID(S)...so many people forget that fact. My biggest regret is that he married a friend of mine a couple years later (she asked if it was okay before they even went out)...anyway, it kind of became awkward for us to be friends and I miss her. However, I know she loves my kids and is a good stepmom and that is a true blessing.
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    spooner is done.

    Which is why you never get married. Common-law included.
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    The law is changing in effect as of i believe now.. i'm in law but fact of the matter is it takes 2 to make a child a community to raise one ... needless to say when you raise a child "both" parents need to support the child. It "seems" that most mothers stay home because of no reason, but people don't look at the the fact they want to be a mother, and that "support" goes towards the child. In some cases it doesn't which is sad but fact of the matter is the child is being taken care of. The judges when ppl go to court look in the matter(s) of who has the better career, care taking ability etc. I'm not sure if its the same there as it is here but thats how it works here. I have seen videos and haev heard of situations and senerios. but just be thankful there are people in the childs life.

  5. Green

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    "My advice to you is to get a wife; if shes a good wife you will be happy, and if not you will become a philosopher"- Socrates

    "Divorce is ripping out a mans genitals through his wallet"- I forgot who said this.
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    Yes, that is one of the problems we males face. Society seems to dictate that "Dad" has no paternal insticts, and is unfit to raise a child alone. That's a stereotype and is bullshit.

    Unfortunately in mosts states there is a "Community Property" law.
    Thank You Ms. Farrah Fawcett!!! (Look it up in your library.)

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