Dispersona Confusion

Discussion in 'HipForums Writers Contest' started by Lodog, Sep 5, 2020.

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    A part of you was suppressed and buried from the very start. You came into everything with confusion as to why it came so easily to others. Now you have Kafka dreams and a metamorphosis takes hold when most are settling down. Always told you were the mediocre. Now you look ino the mirror and wonder who is staring back at you.

    Many truths become known to you. You woke up right in the crossfire and before you can figure out what's going on who's good who's bad you get a new name.. essentially setting the stage you're given the name "person of confusion" if you wanna live start figuring things out...you got 2 weeks... So you try and by the end of those 2 weeks you get beat up by some cops while walking down the road trusting only a bible in your hands.
    You hadn't prayed much but you went to church and you knew what was right and wrong so you think. If Jesus died for our sins why do people suffer? If Jesus said the truth was in the word why do we revere his name and person Jesus Emmanuel after all? I got a bad feeling. If the old gods are dead why do they dance in the night sky offering people insight into future affairs... Why does a Siren greet me with my overpriced latte.

    Maybe we all live in confusion.
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