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    a friend gave me the art of discworld for solstice this year, and i just can't put it down! i love paul kidby's work, the characters look just like i imagined them!

    i've read small gods, the color of magic, hogfather, lords and ladies, soul music, moving pictures, and carpe jugulum. i was first introduced to discworld by a friend who provided me with reading material when i was pregnant with my first child and stuck on bedrest. it's impossible to pick my favorite character, there's so many, so much personality in all the stories, even in the minor characters like The Death of Rats. i'm planning on reading mort next, mainly because kidby's drawing of mort in the book looks a lot like a friend of mine.

    any other discworld fans here? whoops, time to take my dried frog pills...
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    YES! read thief of time, its really thought provoking. im all out of dried frog pills, ill stop hallucinating that im totally sane in a bit :p
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    wow, terry pratchett is one of my favourite authors, the Night Watch books are my favourite, if you haven't already check out his other books like Carpet People and Diggers

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