Discordianism and the birth of the Illuminati

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    Well here is an interesting read:

    Who are the Illuminati and what do they control?

    Having been fascinated with the Illuminati since the 1970s upon reading the 'Trilogy' by Robert Anton Wilson. Wilson was a writer at Playboy who claims to have dreamed the shole thing up himself. But tales of the Illuminati go back hundreds of years, or more.

    ~ The Week UK

    Modern day Illuminati seems to be based partly on LSD, and a book called the Principia Discordia, written in the 1960's.

    ~ Wikipedia

    This was when Robert Anton Wilson came into the picture. He wanted to bring chaos back into society by "...disseminating misinformation through all portals – through counter culture, through the mainstream media..." As he was working for Playboy magazine at the time, he would send fake letters extolling the extent of the secret society and claiming such events as the Kennedy assassination were in fact carried out by the Illuminati organization.

    And thus conspiracies about "The New World Order" thrived until the 1990s when the birth of the Internet gave new life to the conspiracy hounds.

    And now the respected (?) Canadian former defence minister, Paul Hellyer, has stated that not only is the Illuminati real, they do indeed control the world.

    Which all leads to the question, are Beyone and JayZ the King and Queen of the world? Is 'Sasha Fierce' (Beyonce's stage persona/alter-ego) a demonic entity?

    So many questions, so few answers... and the beat goes on...
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    Robert Anton Wilson was a Sub Genius member know as Pope Bob.

  3. ZenKarma

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    And then there are the Lizard People. Denver seems to be a hub for them, at the airport. Saw some interesting signs walking through the place a few weeks ago about the Illuminati, Lizard People and so-called construction work.

    The dedication stone for the airport in Denver, as seen in a photo.

    What is the New World Airport Commission??? One thought is that the conspirators have been building an Armageddon bunker under the runways. Probably a better place for that IMHO...

    ~ The Guardian
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    Jesse Ventura highlighted Denver Airport on his tv show Conspiracy Theory

  5. Pressed_Rat

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    Robert Anton Wilson was a CIA shill.
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    Seriously, though, what is the New World Airport Commission?

    Is it just some thing where the dedication stone is no big deal and they just invited some local chapter of the Masons to do it, so they came up with a name for themselves? Or isn't that how things work...? I don't know. It certainly suggests there is something important called the New World Airport Commission, though.

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