Discussion in 'Relationships' started by fallenangel, May 27, 2004.

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    hello, i'm new here. I have a problem. I met this guy online & we've been talkin for awhile & have so much in common. talk everyday for hours. Well about 4 days ago he said 'brb' & has never been on since. I tend to blow things way out of proportion --- I've thought of every horrible scenario possible. Am I crazy for worrying? I've never really met ppl online so how am i supposed to know if he was for real?
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    k... my advice is stay away from the computer. Go 'offline' and into 'reality' as all five of your senses perceive it. Perhaps he merely forgot to pay his phone bill and thus will be there when you 'get back'. I've had online 'relationships', but they're fully psychological/spiritual/intellectual... real life is much more rewarding, but then again, if you end up meeting this guy and he turns out to be who he says he is, meh... i wish you the best of luck, but i reiterate the need for a break... cheers...

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