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Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by Crimson, Jun 23, 2014.

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    Hello, I am 28 years old and I suffer from a disability called Cerebral Palsy. It effects me by causing pain and muscle spasms in my low back and down both legs. Because of this high school was hell for me. I could not sit for longer then 15-20 min without being in pain or having muscles spams. Taking meds turned me into a zombie and just wanted to sleep or just not exist. Now that I am in my late 20's I am afraid that If I do not go for this now that I might never will.

    I tried Full Sail University online for about 2 weeks. I was not a fan how they did things. It is fast paced which did not bother me and the work was not hard. I had an issue with how the website was run and how long it took the instructors to post the recordings of the lectures. This forced me to work on things over both weekends. So I was constantly stressed about getting the work done and done properly. I also found this to be insanely expensive for what you were getting with very little to no instruction or actual "teaching"

    I am looking for a school that is not crazy crazy expensive, 100% online, something that is well organized and will actually teach your something.

    I am interesting in Media Communications.

    Thanks for your help everyone
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    that you can pick up by yourself - what is your specific interest in this course? There are answers to questions on the net ranging from how to set up an online radio station all the way back to home recording. try MIT online courses section or ask yahoo answers for all common solutions.

    I am currently researching archaelogy online through alternative media resources and the more conventional history museum paraphenilia
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    audio and video production are my main interests.

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