Dirty Jobs, and the like

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by johnny stockholm, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Ever wonder if the new school reality tv shows on channels like History and Discovey, such as Ax Men, Deadliest Catch, and especially Dirtiest Jobs are government funded and pushed, and serve to recruit younger folks to that kind of work, show them in manners which make them seem far more desireable than they actually maybe, since costs of living and especailly higher education continues to rise and the economy continues to fail?
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    I don't think so, and I can't stand all these idiotic shows...ad the hicks making "choppers" to the list of garbage programing.

    It's just the general public appears to be getting dumber and dumber, and in order to get ratings they need to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    I remember when I was a kid I was always watching Discovery, TLC and The History Channel. Now they're loaded with crap. At least there is the internet and bittorrent sites to keep my mind...thinking.
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    Same with the Travel channel, it used to be the shit, with alby mangels and adventurous shows..now its mostly hotels, disney.... at least anthoney bourdain's show is good...

    I think the history channel does have an agenda, yes... but johhny stockholm, im not sure what it is... you might be onto something though... i cant figure it out, but maybe with some more minds contributing to the discussion, we can figure it out
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    I don’t watch T.V. and I haven’t seen these show that everyone has mentioned but I have wondered about media movies and brainwashing conspiracies. Like they need more people for war so they always produce war hero movies at the time of war or they need more medical people so they put out a bunch of ER and hospital TV shows. All the police shows really make me wonder they all seemed to try to make it seem like you will never get away and it is normal and OK for cops to go around and kick in people’s doors.

    The media and mass entertainment shows are a very powerful control tool for societies that is one of the first things people try to take over and shut down in a war.

    The whole movie and T.V. industry seems very controlled and government regulated in most countries and it seems like they only want certain government-approved things put out to the public that follow along with government agendas.

    It is really sad how much people get brainwashed by T.V and movies.
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    i dont think anyone is trying to get people to do these jobs. considering dirty jobs just shows you shit that nobody really wants to do.

    i used to watch those shows on tv tell i finally pulled the plug and got rid it all. almost everyone i know when i show up to there house some kind of tv is on. how people can watch this reality tv crap at all amazes me. some of the above posters said and i agree...i just dont get how people believe any of that shit. it is TV after all...

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