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Discussion in 'Bare It! Nudism and Naturism' started by Hardy, May 28, 2004.

  1. Hardy

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    what do you think about "dirty feet"? Did you ever had black soles of your feet?
    Please tell me something more about your bare feet! I love walking barefoot

    Many greetings from Germany


    If you want you can mail to me: Hardy.Low@t-online.de
  2. Sax_Machine

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    Well if you go out in your bare feet, your feet get dirty, that's about it really. What normally happens is I end up walking back barefoot late at night, and go across a good deal of grass on my way home, so my feet get wiped clean (well almost clean) as the dew settles on the grass. Beyond that a shower will take care of things.

    I don't really pay attention to dirty feet, although it's a reassuring sign if you see someone out barefoot and their soles are dirty you know they've been barefoot for more than just a few minutes.
  3. Barefoot_Longhair

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    I go barefoot pretty much all the time and my feet get dirty. I think it's cool.
  4. Sage-Phoenix

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    It's not an issue to me. Feet are supposed to be like that, dirt is relativly harmless.

    My parents however get very pissed off when I tread dirt though the house. So I vacum most of the time and we have a good doormat. So it's okay.


  5. peacefuljeffrey

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    I go barefoot pretty near all of the time (except flip-flops for work hours and in restaurants so that I don't encounter hostility). I have to say that the only time my feet get particularly dirty is when I've walked on blacktop, like parking lot surfaces. Most of the time, my feet don't accumulate a lot of dirtiness. Today, I went out and played disc golf at a local park, and I did get a lot of actual "dirt" on my feet. The bottoms didn't end up showing a lot of dirt, but the tops were kinda caked with dusty dirt until I got home and went swimming in the pool. It came off then.

    I kinda like it when someone's feet look a bit dirty. It's sexy in a way, and also I like that it shows their feet work for them, you know? They're utilitarian. :)

  6. barefoot_in_brisbane

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    I go barefoot maybe 75% of the time and sure my feet get dirty. I like getting dirty feet because it looks cool and shows I'm a serious barefooter.
  7. MySwt1

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    i am barefoot alot and at shows i usually shed my shoes...and they end up black, especially when indoors...people spill beer and throw down cig butts...and even when i scrub it takes a couple days to wear away...i don't go barefoot because its cool or nothing, i just prefer it that way...everyone at my wedding was barefoot, i really enjoyed it
  8. Barefoot_kid

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    I have not worn shoes in 5 years. I am always barefoot and getting your soles dirty is a part of life. I love getting dirty feet. When I run around in the gym barefoot my soles turn as black as night. I absolutely love it. My feet are so hard knives just bounce right off.

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