Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by Devocet, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. Devocet

    Devocet Member

    Ok i know everyone says not to do it, but being me im going to have to find out why i shouldnt on my own.
    so i have like a bottle full of little white pills that say there are 50 mgs of Dimenhydrinate in each, so whats the max i should take and whats the minumum i can take to see anything.

    and can you OD on this stuff?
  2. SoFarAway

    SoFarAway Friendly Fried Guy

    Well you can overdose on anything, really. Secondly, I'd go read up on Erowid.org, and do a search on google about that drug before you do anything. So you should really educate yourself before taking any of those pills. The pills will stick around as long as you keep them, but you won't be around forever if you don't know what your getting into.
  3. mssunshine

    mssunshine Member

    You should even look under old postings here regarding Dramine. I never even knew you could trip off it, and then once I found out, I was going to try it, but after reading others stories and accounts, I choose not to. Theres something to be said for being completely out of your mind and talking to people who arent there. Apparently, you trip super hard. I am not one to go for a drug where I could very well get super hurt while imagining things. Apparently its not like LSD, or shrooms where you still have somewhat of a grip on reality. Apparently you cant tell what is real and what is not. If you choose to trip anyways, I wish you well and hope you are safe.
  4. SoFarAway

    SoFarAway Friendly Fried Guy

    I didn't know that was dramamine, and I was too high to look up
    dimenhydrinate but yea..

    8-10 Dramamine will get you tripping HARD. I did that once, and I was talking to some dead girl in a cemetary for a while..

    Granted, there were many other drugs involved too.

    Just don't over-do it man.
  5. Devocet

    Devocet Member

    I took twelve pills thats 550 mgs and i didnt trip at all... well actually i was hearing shit but for the most part i just got sick and paranoid, and the whole time i was on it i thought my heart was going to explode.

    im only like 120 lbs and my friend who is like 150 lbs said he was seeing alot of crazy shit and he only took 8 !!!!

    anyone know why this happend i took four more than him and he is the one that tripped
    its just so unfair
  6. SoFarAway

    SoFarAway Friendly Fried Guy

    It's really not worth it, go get some shrooms.
  7. MeatWagon499

    MeatWagon499 Senior Member

    it varies alot with each user. probably one of the worst drugs out there to do, get some DXM you still hallucinate on it and the body high is actually good.
  8. SoFarAway

    SoFarAway Friendly Fried Guy

    I had one big adventure for 16 hours and a lot of dxm... great drug, but I probably won't try it again, unless I can get powder somewhere, though I havn't looked hard.
  9. anti

    anti Member

    yeah, youll trip your ass off on Dramamine, but its not a fun trip, its just a hard trip. i had no short term memory, and i was talking to my brother the whole time, who doesnt even live with me. the walls were crawling. other than that, i dont remember anything. i know i didnt pass out or go to sleep or anything, i just blacked out. my friends and i call them zombie pills, cause thats exactly what youre like, a zombie. definately not worth it, especially since it takes the whole day after to recover. i was so worn out and drained the next day. i felt like getting sick the next day too. i really dont think its worth doing, but if you are going to anyway, id suggest having some ganja for the next day, so its not as bad.

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