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Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by blckra1n, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. blckra1n

    blckra1n Member

    I noticed that like when I first started smoking, I didnt really get that high, and then after i smoked more, i got higher and higher every time...and I used to just get all happy and relaxed from smoking. then, like over the summer, for example, when I smoked all the time, like everyday, I just didnt really like it anymore because it made me really paranoid and almost like i was going to have an anxiety attack or something.... so I quit smoking for like 4 months... and i just started smoking again and now I'm back to the good high times.... Does anyone else have this problem? or does anyone know why this happens?
  2. Cosmo4

    Cosmo4 Member

    Yeah I'm having the same problem right now. I've been smoking for about 10 months everyday and I think I need to give it a break for a little bit. Then I think I'll pick it back up, but not as much. Now, I'm smoking about 5 or more times a day, with friends and alone, but I'm going to cut down to maybe .. once or twice a day after school or before bed or something. I just don't really see the problem with it, other than the only thing I do is talk on the internet, smoke, and chill with friends, but what else is there to life than having fun at this age? I mean I know I still have to get stuff done (like schoolwork, job-but I don't have one, etc) but I have straight a's and am #5 in my class of more than 500 people. I think it's not that much of a problem in my life, so I could keep on doing it. If I was sober, I'd probably be doing the exact same thing I'm doing right now, except there wouldn't be a pipe next to me. :)

    But I'm thinking on giving it a small break and just smoking with friends (most of my friends smoke daily too) so I mean I don't know. Maybe I'll just keep on smoking daily! I think I was meant to be a stoner, lol.

    I don't know, I'm rambling. I think that's another effect weed has given me, it just makes me wonder about anything and everything, and then worry about it. I don't really like the feeling anymore, ..

    And I'm also addicted to cigs. I smoke a lot of them, a day. Even if I don't buy my own I still manage to smoke a lot of them because my friends are always offering me them.

    So HELP!! LOL
  3. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    im cutting back now to a bit before bed for the moment.
  4. redbarcheta

    redbarcheta Member

    yeah im on a tolerence break myself, Its only been a week and it seems like a month litterally. I thought to myself man It must have been a month or so already but then I look at the calender.....
  5. High Guy

    High Guy Member

    I ususally smoek every friday adn staurday, smoking at lucnh time at school just makes me retarded. I havent smoked in 9 days becasue of examsn and stuff but my good ol buddy form out of town is coming to visit me for a few days and i heard rumor of a party so this weeknd should be wicked.

    I noticed when i started i'd feel jsut the tiniest high which wasn't unpleasant i'd still be able to talk to my parents and such, but since i've started smoking more i've noticed it makes me completley retarded then i get really dragged out and tired, muchies have also gotten worse and the bad thing is i just keep eating and eating, i almost through up once becasue i forgot to stop eating froot loops
  6. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    ive never heard of someone having backwards-tolerance

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