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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by peacelove&music, Jan 27, 2022.

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    Has anyone else ever consistently had dreams (as in totally different dreams, with different people, different situations, etc) that all take place in the same location? The last 7 or 8 dreams in a row that I'm able to remember have all taken place at the same location. From what I've looked up, usually when people dream about the same location, the place will be slightly different each time but the dreamer always knows it's the same place. But for me, the location is EXACTLY the same. Every single time. (It's my Grandma's old house that I sold after she passed away in 2018.) The dreams have all been VASTLY different dreams but the house is the same each time. I'm just curious if anyone else has had a similar experience? Bonus points if you can help point me in the direction of what this could mean, lol.
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    most of mine take place in a geography i'm familiar with in them that has no direct equivalent in this world i'm awake in.
    as for people in them, there are seldom any and even less often any i'm close to as individuals, and almost never anyone i know (few enough anyway) from waking life.
    there are several places i live in different dreams, but transit routes are consistent, as are mountains and forests,
    the layout of towns in relation to everything to do with countryside, coastlines, et al.

    i don't buy mine having to be about anything symbolic, just exploring more interesting countryside then any place i've lived more then a couple of years.
    some of them very alien to most places on this earth, yet at the same time, completely like i'm living there when i'm not awake here.
    i don't mean like alien environments in any obvious way, but more like less regularized kinds of places people can live in.
    i mean you can see the cultural diversity in the kinds of places people build and are allowed to, but its not like i very often interact with anyone in them.
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    I have a list of geographic locals my dreams take place in at random intervals. Each of these dream geographic locals are constructed of bits and pieces that resemble places I have been…but only resemble reality. Same construct with people.
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    "House dreams" are usually described as dreams about your psyche. Returning to the same house, or houses (I have several) is returning to resolve something. It could be directly related to that house, your grandmother, or something seemingly not related. But the "house" is a reminder.

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