Did you "swallow" during your first bisexual experience?

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by profezzor_x, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. I enjoy sucking cock more every time I do it
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  2. LetmeSUCKuDry

    LetmeSUCKuDry always curious

    I envy you....Id like to try it one time
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  3. bibear

    bibear Member

    I swallowed the first and every time since, love the taste in my mouth and it was like the reward for a job well done. Really like to snowball as well.
  4. LowHangers

    LowHangers Member

    Yes I have numerous times. If you can deep throat when he erupts it will slide down quite easy. I had a guys 9 1/2" in my throat when he came, all I could feel was the head of his cock pulsating as he was shooting his load down my throat. It really turned me on and he was amazed and loved it as well. He was married and said his wife could only get 1/2 his cock into her mouth so me deep throating him was something that kept him returning for about the next two years until he moved away. I loved suck his long cock.
  5. barefootb8r

    barefootb8r Member

    I didn’t swallow the first time I sucked a cock, because it was kind of awkward and rushed and I wasn’t prepared. But I swallowed the second time, and most every time since.
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  6. randy1149

    randy1149 Member

    Didn't swallow on the first one. But once I did I swallow most always.
  7. jabberjon

    jabberjon Member

    No, maybe my 6th time with the same person. But he only came in my mouth once before the time I did.
  8. LowHangers

    LowHangers Member

    I the first time I sucked another guys cock I must admit I was not good at it as I just slid it in and out of my mouth with little sucking action. I was curious and wanting to do it to see what it's like as a friend told me "Don't knock it until you try it". Well, I did enjoy it and in time and lots of practice my oral skills kept a few married buddies returning as they all said I sucked their cock better than their wives do. I didn't allow a cock to cum in my mouth until about the 6th or 7th time and I believe I swallowed for the first time around my 10th blowjob. I do enjoy swallowing the cum but I also enjoy allowing his cum to ooze out of my mouth as I continue to suck his cock clean. I always clean up his juices and many times continued to suck it hard again for a second load which I then swallow every drop.
  9. Swallowed every time but twice and received a nice facial then.
  10. MakeitWayne

    MakeitWayne Member

    In my few times sucking dick I have never swallowed a load. Probably because I've really never gotten over the nerves. But I want to.
  11. LowHangers

    LowHangers Member

    If you're wanting to try it just allow it to happen without thinking to much about it. Its not as bad as you may think. I swallow every time since my first time. Guys love cumming in the mouth that sucking them off.
  12. Biker Man

    Biker Man Member

    When I finally decided to jump in, I made up my mind I would swallow before we even met. It was a mutual oral meet up and yes I swallowed and it tasted better than I thought it would. Now I am looking for a regular sissy bottom
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  13. Bichimp67

    Bichimp67 Member

    Didn't hesitate one bit. I love it!
  14. topper

    topper Member

    It was all so new. First time jitters. Taking it and sucking it was a unique new experience and it seemed so cool. When he said he was going to cum I stopped and started stroking him hard and fast. He shot a huge load straight up and it came back down onto my hand. I thought , why didn't I let him cum in my mouth and have that experience? By the time he hit is 3rd spasm, I took it back in my mouth as he finished cumming and let the rest of the cum fall out of my mouth as I stroked and sucked, like my wife used to do. Haven't swallowed his, but I have swallowed more of my own, than my wife has.
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  15. Hagel

    Hagel Member

    I did swallow during my first bisexual experience. I decided to workout at a holiday resort I was visiting. As I entered the locker room I saw this young naked guy in his mid 20's standing in front of a mirror shaving his body. Well needless to say I felt myself getting aroused so I decided to head for the showers to cool down. I proceeded to the steam room and my good fortune he was there.
    We struck up a conversation and I complicated him on his smooth body and cock. He was quite appreciative and I noticed a short time later he was stroking his cock.
    I slid over next to him and asked if he minded if I stroked his cock. ....much to my surprise he said yes. Before you know it I was sucking his swollen cock and fingering his hole. It was not long after that he exploded in my mouth.
  16. I love it

    I love it Member

    Sucking Cock had never crossed my mind as I considered myself straight. But the first night that it happened, I was caught off guard by a straight buddy of mine while drinking and watching porn. We were both obviously horny but I had no intention or clue of what was about to happen. He being the much larger size than me, he managed to man handle my body between his legs as he sat on the couch. He told me to quit resisting as that turned him on even more. I finally submitted to his dominant behavior and performed as he coached me on how he enjoyed his cock sucked on. He was really turned on by the way I responded because it didn't take him long to pull out and cum on the floor. I had this confusion look about what had just happened. He told me that I wasn't ready to take his load in my mouth yet. He called me up the following week and said he got a little carried away and invited back up to his place. Same thing started up again but I didn't put up much resistance time. I thought to myself, I had him once in my mouth already, one more time wouldn't make a difference. To my surprise, I was getting curious about sucking cock and it was much easier than eating pussy... I could tell he was enjoying my mouth as he pulled my hands away from his shaft and took control thrusting in and out... He pulled away again and told me that I wasn't ready yet. The third week came around and I was eager to continue with my training... I assumed my position between his legs and this time I pulled his soft cock out of his shorts and straight into my mouth. After about ten minutes of working on him, he pulled away and said he was not feeling it and was going to bed. He told me to make myself at home and not to worry. I was really confused now. I waited until he fell asleep and I went into his bedroom. He was fast asleep. My curiosity got the best of me and I slipped his soft cock back into my mouth and I proceeded to suck start him. He felt good growing in my mouth. I told myself that I would stop before he woke up but I was having too much fun. He woke up with some moaning and told me that he has never been woken up to a blowjob before and I was doing so good that he could tell that I was enjoying sucking cock. And now i was ready for his load. He gave me the option to spit or swallow but to wait until he finished unloading in my mouth. Once again, he pulled my hands away from his shaft and took control thrusting in and out of my mouth. He told me that he was cumming and keep a tight grip around his cock with my lips. The feeling of his orgasm inside my mouth was incredible... I loved it. He kept unloading and I was wondering if i going to be able to hold all of him. But he finally stopped and I knew i was at the point of no return. I was hooked on the manly juice and I knew I had to swallow. I loved it so much I began to suck him dry. He asked me if I swallowed and I mumbled yes. He told me he was turned on by the way I was accepting and submissive to his dominance. I was about to make him cum again. I was going to be rewarded twice. As he unloaded in my mouth once again, I swallowed with every burst. He asked me if I was enjoying him inside my mouth... I mumbled yes. You fucking cock whore!!!...Mmmhmm.. I continued to suck him dry...
  17. RaleighChris

    RaleighChris Member

    Unfortunately I did not. The first time I sucked my bud he gave me pretty good direction, and I had worked my way down to his balls. I'll never forget trying to figure out what felt good to him/what I thought would feel good, so I started basically making out with each one. Slow, sensual, open mouth kisses with a lot of tongue swirling, all while continuing to jerk him. He gave me a, "fuck dude just like that," as his hand cupped the back of my head. A few seconds later he erupted. It was so fucking hot, but it wasn't in my mouth. He told me he didn't think I wanted him to.

    The second time I sucked him though! He moaned he was getting close so I made sure my mouth was on his cock. It was an amazing experience. His moans, feeling him swell up and twitch a bit, and most importantly, the sensation of his big, warm load entering my mouth. I loved it!
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  18. I love it

    I love it Member

    Me too
  19. Topher1972

    Topher1972 Member

    The first time it was just me and him and no, I didn’t. I finished him with my hand. The second time however while licking my girlfriends clit, he was fucking her. When he came it was mixed with her pussy juice. I lapped it up and swallowed all I coukd
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  20. TDH47

    TDH47 Member

    My first time was in a 69 and I was on bottom. There was no warning to his cumming and I had no choice but to swallow tasted good
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