Did you "swallow" during your first bisexual experience?

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by profezzor_x, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. bgeasy69

    bgeasy69 Active Member

    i always swallow
  2. Marcus63

    Marcus63 Active Member

    This may seem odd to some, it he first time I sucked a cock was just to get him harder and to lube it up with saliva so he could fuck me in the ass. It was a long time ago. He was a stranger at a gloryhole.

    The first time I sucked cock just to suck cock, he wasn't even fully hard yet so I was trying to get him harder. He thrust a few times into me and just started cumming. The softness of his cock and the rush of cum into my my mouth was unexpected but nice. I didn't swallow though, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So I spit ust kind of opened my mouth and let his cum run back onto his dick.
  3. bobjob

    bobjob Active Member

    Yes...I always swallow, unless I am entertaining a large group of men, then I swallow some and let some cum on me.
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  4. Johnsgdcr

    Johnsgdcr Member

    I haven't found anybody yet, but I think I will.
  5. Styx

    Styx Active Member

    I like to let them cum in my mouth and then I lay my head on their leg and gently suck until they’re through their orgasm and completely limp. Then I let it slowly slip out of my mouth and then I swallow the load. Mmmm.
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  6. luvu2see

    luvu2see New Member

    No I didn't, but it was my first time, next might be different.
  7. Orighenie

    Orighenie New Member

    I was in the final year of a 20 year marriage that was rapidly disintegrating. The last few years were involuntarily celibate and I was enormously frustrated and bitter about having been forced to resort to the sexual outlet of my early adolescence.My mind began to wander.....there had to be other guys in my situation and the idea of discretely exchanging oral with no strings attached became very appealing. Secretly providing that which was being withheld had a taboo, dirty thrill about it and was a huge turn on. I was 45 and got the courage to act.

    I wanted to steer clear of any gay connotation - everything had to be mutual and swallowing was out of the question. The idea of having cum in my mouth was revolting. Eight years went by. I got a huge thrill from giving pleasure freely and without inhibition. However, some experiences would have been better if they ended with completion. The purpose of a penis is to transfer semen from one person into another and most guys enjoy finishing in the mouth of a willing and receptive partner. It was time I reconsidered my aversion and be prepared to add that dimension to my skill set. I at least had to experience it before deciding it was something I didn't want to do.

    A couple of time I decided I would go for it only to have something in my brain scream at me to pull away at the lease minute because I would regret it forever otherwise. Then one day I found myself engaged in a particularly intense encounter. I am very discrete and am known in the community. Accordingly, I did not do anything in public or otherwise had an unacceptable risk of discovery. Also, all of my partners had been relatively close to my age and thus I had never the chance to experience a young partner in his prime. However, on the day in question I found myself in a wooded section of a park kneeling in front of a 23 year old Mormon missionary, his pants around his ankles, and his steel like dick sliding in and out of my face. It was intoxicatingly intense and when he gave warning, the familiar siren went off in my head and I ignored it. When the moment came, the intensity only increased and I had no regrets at all. There was no doubt that I would be doing it again.

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