did she like me? help! i'm extremely new to this!

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    I went to a lesbian club with my cousin and her group of friends while i was visiting lima peru a few weeks ago. im back in ny now. amongst her group of friends, one of them was a wonderful girl who i spent some time with at the club. i have always considered myself a heterosexual girl but i felt extremely attracted to her immediately. I wanted to get to know her better but i was too shy to do so because i was unsure if she was interested in me. Since i am shy, and a very bad dancer, i would just stand there or sit whenever i got tired while i watched the rest of my friends dance until she pulled me out to dance. i initially said no, telling her i didn't know how to dance anything and she said she would teach me, which she did. i would constantly ask for forgiveness because i thought i was boring her to death and was wasting her time while she could have been dancing with someone who did know how to dance. she told me that i wasn't boring to her at all and after every dance, she would put her hands together, lower her head and would say thanks for this dance. we would do some small talk and when she found out it was my birthday, she searched for me in order to buy me a drink because she said that she saw that i didn't drink beer. she danced with me sporadically, with the intent of teaching me. my cousin noticed that i felt a certain attraction towards her so she told the girl that i was leaving the country soon to which she responded "you should hide her passport so that she doesn't have to leave." My cousin and close friend had different opinions. My cousin thought she was just being kind while my friend thought she was definitely flirting with me. After that night, another event showed up. It was one of our friend's birthday, and my cousin was invited, and obviously, so was my crush. Since my crush lives far away from the birthday girls house and my cousin's house is halfway, my cousin offered her to give her a ride with me and other friends to the party. my cousin initially told her to come at 7 because that was the time in which a small birthday celebration was going to end (it was my birthday too), but my crush asked if she could stop by earlier. she came to my cousin's house earlier and i acted like a complete idiot. i barely even said hi to her, and after i did i left running like a preteen. I eventually started acting more mature but i noticed that she was cold with me, she wasn't as friendly as she was the first day i met her. she barely spoke to me, and throughout the party, she separated herself from the group of friends and wouldn't really speak with me. at one point i noticed that when i spoke to a girl, she would stare at us, and as soon as i noticed i looked up and she quickly looked away. when the rest of the guests were distracted i would find her looking at me, or i would look at her and she would catch me looking at her, OR we would both accidentally make eye contact. I was a bit tipsy and eventually drunk, so i think that maybe i looked at her and she looked back, scared or creeped out by me, or i wasn't imagining things and this girl was looking at me. The most embarrassing part came when she decided to make a toast for her friend, the birthday girl, and for me, the other birthday girl. she said " a toast to lizzete (birthday girl), and ...... then she looked at me and said sorry..what's your name again?" i felt SO EMBARRASSED. extremely. for me that was an indicator that she wasnt into me the slightest! there were people at that party that met me for the first time that day and knew my name, yet her, who met me before, FORGOT MY NAME. i made the conclusion she wasnt into me, and heartbroken, got drunk. lol . by the end of the party i was drunk, and my cousin drove us all back home. since she lives the furthest, we told her she could sleep over, but she said no bc she had to work the next day. A few days later, i sent her and all of the new friends i made some friend requests on facebook, and all of them have accepted except her. she has signed on facebook for a fact, because my cousin, who does have her as a friend, has told me, yet, she hasnt responded or has denied my request. I don't understand why. I need some advice. I think i creeped her out, or maybe she doesnt like me so shes avoiding me because maybe she noticed i liked her. how can i see her again and act as if nothing happened? can she ever get over it and eventually become my friend or do you think she will feel awkward around me?, At first i thought maybe i made her feel uncomfortable, but then again now that i remember, there was a going away party for me after that event, it was at a club, and she said she was broke, so she asked me and my cousin if we could do the gathering at our house instead. we said no because the rest wanted to go to the club. but i am thinking, if i made her feel awkward, why would she accept to go out to an event knowing that i would be there too and why would she ask to have an event at the "creep's" house if she felt awkward around me? then again, she still hasnt accepted my request when she has been pretty active on facebook. more than 20 days has passed since i sent the request and nothing. zilch. i will obviously see her again because we have friends in common, so how do i act when i do see her? kind, friendly? or kind but distant? did she ever feel any interest in me, or was it all in my head and confused kindness with flirting? why do you think she hasnt accepted the request? sorry for the long story and questions, but i have never liked a girl as much as i like her, and i've never openly admitted liking a girl. this is all new to me. help please.

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