Diary of a mad man

Discussion in 'Books' started by Juggalo4ever, May 8, 2004.

  1. Juggalo4ever

    Juggalo4ever KingoftheChubbyGirls

    Has anyone ever read any of Aleister Crowley's books? Does anyone know where I can find any?
  2. No, but what it is about? It sounds like I would like it...haha
  3. It does sound interesting, i want to read it
  4. I thought that it was just an Ozzy Osbourne song.
  5. Juggalo4ever

    Juggalo4ever KingoftheChubbyGirls

  6. Actually, I saw this book at barnes & noble. They have quite a few of Aleister Crowley's books. I haven't read any of his books, maybe I will someday.

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