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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by elizabeth89, May 9, 2004.

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    ok, here's my ? I tried to use a cloth diper on my baby and well it just didnt work, i cant figure out how to get it tight enough.
    my next ? is about food, carly bf's and we found out that she has trouble when i have dairy, so my ? is when and if i ever get her to a cup what in the world do i give her so she get's enought calcium? soy milk? i cant seem to get the doctor to understand what the problem is, he just always says thats weird baby's usually dont have a problem when the mom has dairy. but she does it makes her belly upset for days. any advice is greatly appreciated. it might be around a week but i promise i'll be back to check out you replys.
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    Hmmm, what kind of wraps/covers are you using? I use the Chinese prefolds with vinyl wraps that have velcro tabs. They hold pretty well. I also have some pocket diapers called Happy Heinies. I love them.

    As for calcium, I know that leafy greens ie spinach, kale, turnips greens, etc are a good source. Beans, great northern beans, garbanzo beans (chick peas), broccoli, and then tofu, and fortified soy milk. A lot of juices are calcium fortified as well. Ooh, also the baby cereals like beech nut are fortified as well. One serving has 25% daily calcium. And my kids always ate way more than 1 serving.

    I think as long as your baby eats a variety of fruits and veggies, she will have no calcium problem.
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  4. Maggie Sugar

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    Babies certainly CAN have a problem with dairy if they are sensitive and the mother (who BTW, if she is passing protiens whole, is also sensitive to dairy) is breastfeeding her. THe GOOD news, this would be WORSE if you were formula feeding. Kids who have dairy allergies will almost always also develop soy allergies, if it is introduced in the early months.

    Don't worry about the cup. When your child is old enough for the cup, you can use something other than COW milk.

    I have four kids NONE of whom ever drink cow's milk. It is NOT a neccesary, or even an appropriate food for humans. Water is still the best thing to introduce in the cup. Juice can wait (diluted of course) until close to a year. Don't worry about soy milk until after a year. If you continue to breastfeed for at least a year, you won't have to give her ANY other milk at all. People who don't eat dairy utilize calcium more efficiently and she should be able to get the calcium she needs from nondairy foods.

    I am a Lactation Consultant and have some strong feelings about doctors who don't listen to patients, if you have a concern, your doctor has an obligation to at least address it. Also, if he is ignorant about allergies and food intolerances, what else doesn't he know about. Does he listen to your other concerns? How supportive is he of breastfeeding (just saying "I support breastfeeding." is NOT being supportive. He should be actively involved in encoraging you, he should have a LARGE number of his patients who are breastfed into todderhood, he should not give you formula samples nor should he have large displays of formula in his office.)

    You will form a strong bond with your ped, he has to be someone who supports the latests info on infant feeding, nutrition, allergies, gentle discipline as well as be medically adequate. A tall order to fill, but anything less isn't worth your time.


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    thanks to everyone who replied..i'm not real sure what kind of dipers i have, i bought them at wal-mart..my mother in law is going to try to show me how to use them tonight.i'll let u know how it goes.
    i'll check out that site about the non-dairy.
    maggie thanks for bringing to my attention that babies/humans dont really need cow's milk, i guess i'm just so used to everyone thinking that it's a necessity especially for babies. my baby girl is 8 months and is eating most solids, she uses a sippy cup just a little bit for like a drink or so, right now i just give her water. as for my dr. i go to a family dr. he never really said much about me breastfeeding. he just said that it good. but for any other problem i've had he has been really good. i guess i'll just use my common sense and go with it. Thanks again to everyone

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