Diamond Willow Trees

Discussion in 'Canada' started by cadcruzer, Sep 8, 2005.

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    [​IMG]just curious to see if any one on here had any growing on their property. i received a "diamond willow walking stick" for my b-day last year, an man every one that see's it say's, they gotta have one. their's plenty of people selling them on the web, mine was purchased from a buddy of mine in i believe he bought it in Manitoba, close to the U.S. border, he gave around $45.00 usd.lotta money for a "stick " but they are stronger than any hickory or oak stick i've ever came across,the one i have is approx.5' tall an 1.5 "-2" dia., "lot of morel mushroom hunters around here myself included" a good walking stick is a must "steep hills,snakes ,checkin places ya dont wanna stick your hand in" just thought i would mention it maybe you have some and didnt know they were worth much ,i've seen some bigger "log's" 10' tall -5"-6" dia ,sell for 300 -400 usd.i have pic's of mine , an of course pic's from the web, if any one wants.
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    very pretty!

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